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About Brandenburg

800+ employees across the globe
Brierley Hill, UK

Founded in 1948, Brandenburg is now a part of the Pelsis group of Industries. Pelsis offers a broad and diverse range of quality products, backed by technical expertise and a commitment to customer service. Brandenburg has grown to become a globally recognized leader in the manufacturing and export of flying insect control systems.

Pelsis & Brandenburg products are used in 140 countries worldwide.
Even after years of experimentation with spreadsheets and other HRMS solutions, HR management at Brandenburg continued to be in a state of disarray. The HR team at the organization was ready for change.

Even after years of experimentation with spreadsheets and other HRMS solutions, HR management at Brandenburg continued to be in a state of disarray. The HR team at the organization was ready for change.

Brandenberg’s HR challenges before using greytHR

Payroll Management

Payroll Headliner placeholder

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee records required a constant investment of time and energy. Keeping track of employee work anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones was a task that often slipped through the cracks. And then there were employee queries and complaints to add to the HR team’s woes.

Even with a software solution in place, it was time-consuming to provide the inputs required to achieve these tasks; and getting the desired output, a cumbersome affair. Transparency for employees and other stakeholders was low and user-friendliness, a pipe dream.


Towards a solution:
introduction to greytHR

Determined to find a resolution, Brandenburg began to explore different solutions and seek expert opinions. It was during this time that they chanced upon greytHR. It came recommended by none other than Brandenburg’s sister concern. They decided to give greytHR a shot.

The greytHR difference:
Efficient HR automation

The onboarding experience

With greytHR, the onboarding process proved to be far less of a hassle than with other tools. And the team was knowledgeable and responsive to boot.

An intuitive & user-friendly experience

Upon trying their hand at greytHR, the Brandenburg team found it offered them an intuitive user interface that was easy to navigate and clear instructions for use -— a welcome change from other HRMS solutions they had encountered.

Unprecedented time savings

greytHR's efficiency meant significant time savings for Brandenburg. The time spent on HR tasks, such as payroll, leave management, and maintaining employee records reduced by approximately 90%.

Streamlined data processing

Significant improvements were seen in the speed and ease of data handling. These changes were reflected in processes for data entry, data retrieval, and data analysis.

Seamless integration

The synergistic effects brought in by the seamless integration of the leave, employee information, and payroll management modules of greytHR brought in added efficiencies for Brandenburg.

Error-free output

With greytHR in place, errors in payroll and leave calculations became a thing of the past at Brandenburg. That is to say, they achieved an FTR (First-Time Right) rate of 100%.

Responsive customer support

The support desk at greytHR, too, offered quick and effective resolutions with fast response times.

Transparency redefined

Employees and other stakeholders now had access to critical information, which also meant reduced queries to the HR team.
 Rajan Thakur-undefined

"Every employee now has clarity on their payroll and leave calculations. The transparency greytHR provides is phenomenal."

Rajan ThakurDirector of Operations (India), Brandenburg Pvt. Ltd.

Brandenburg's HR transformation with greytHR has resulted in effective, efficient, and transparent HR operations at the organization. With their HR management woes behind them, the team is now focused on their mission: delivering innovative, high-quality products to their customers globally, staying true to their raison d'être.

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