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How Amazon’s No. 1 Home Furniture Brand Automated its
HR Processes with greytHR?

CLIENT: Bedeck Woods Pvt. Ltd.

About Bedeck Woods Pvt.Ltd.

Launched as an eCommerce brand for sports materials (in 2016), Bedeck Woods was formally established as a Home Furniture brand on the Amazon eCommerce platform in January 2017. Within just three years of its inception, the company has been awarded as number one seller in Amazon’s home furniture category. The company, which started from a small apartment, now has a 50,000 sq ft warehouse in Hyderabad and is backed by Malaysian investors.

The Shortcomings

Scenario Before Using greytHR

Being an early-age startup, when it came to HR, the directors were handling it with the help of an HR consultant, manually on Excel sheets and physical registers. This was challenging as their time was narrowed down to manage onboarding activities, monthly payroll processing, and tracking employees’ attendance.

  • AUTOMATION: They wanted to switch from excel sheets and physical registers to a paperless and automated tool that could simplify the HR & Payroll processes while saving time and effort.
  • INTEGRATED RESOLUTION: They were looking for one integrated platform that could offer a seamless resolution to all the challenges they were facing under one umbrella.
  • STREAMLINED WORKFLOW: The management team wanted diverse processes like Onboarding, Payroll Processing, Leave & Attendance Tracking, etc. to be more streamlined and efficient.
  • SIMPLIFIED ATTENDANCE TRACKING: The client wanted to track the whereabouts of employees when the management was not in the office.
  • PAPERLESS ONBOARDING: They wanted a solution that could help them avoid manual efforts while collecting documents from new hires.


The Evaluation

The evaluation process was not a comfortable journey for the team. They started looking out for tools in the market for solving their HR & payroll challenges. Not only did they want to solve the everyday challenges but also wanted a scalable, robust & reliable solution in the long run. While some of the options did not meet their scaling team-size growing requirements, others were not robust enough to match their strategic vision. greytHR offered a holistic solution, fulfilling all their needs!


“For me, the striking factor was the interface design (GUI). Being a layman, I found it very easy to work around greytHR’s user interface. The cost factor, too, had a huge impact on why I chose to go with greytHR.”

Vishal N -Director
Bedeck Woods Pvt. Ltd.

How Did greytHR Stand Out From The Rest?

To look for a solution that could alleviate all their pain points, Bedeck Woods evaluated multiple HRMS (Human Resource Management System) providers in the market. While some of the options did not meet the growing requirements of their scaling team-size, others were not robust enough to match their strategic vision.
greytHR offers a highly intuitive and simple interface, both for the web-app and mobile app users.
One of the significant factors that help greytHR stand out is its cost-effectiveness in the Indian SMB marketplace.
Due to greytHR’s in-house implementation approach, the platform’s implementation is always quick and smooth.
With GPS enabled attendance tracking systems, greytHR offers an accurate & easy way of tracking employee attendance.
greytHR’s robust & timely payroll system helps in avoiding extraneous effort & time on payroll processing.
greytHR is abreast with the Indian context and work scenarios of the current date.

Scenario After Using greytHR

  • Reduced payroll processing time by 66.5%
  • Reduced payroll errors by 100%
  • Saved 75% of time spent on onboarding new hires
  • Executed implementation within 1 month

From working on excel sheets to fully automating the process

"For me, timing is an important problem that is solved using greytHR. I am apprised of my employees' whereabouts, along with their login and logout timings. That is a major cultural change where people are more honest now!"

- Vishal N - Director, BedeckWoods Pvt. Ltd.


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