Simplify eTDS with Online FVU Validation

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By Yohann
3 minute read ● March 27, 2016
eTDS with Online FVU Validation

Tax work is unavoidable but can we at least avoid taxing tax work? Yes, we can.

We have just released an online FVU validation feature in greytHR that greatly simplifies tax filing and lives up to our motto: “Streamline, save time…”

Regular TDS process

Consider how much work we need to do for FVU validation and eTDS filing.

  1. Ensure accurate tax deduction is done for all employees.
  2. Remit deducted taxes and update the challan information correctly for all employees.

At the end of each quarter:

  1. Download the latest FVU utility from the TIN/NSDL website (4.9 currently).
  2. Set up the new utility on a Windows machine. (If you use Linux or Mac, you are out of luck).
  3. Ensure Java is installed.
  4. Download CSI file from the TIN website.
  5. Prepare the return text file uploadable greytHR software.
  6. Run the FVU utility to validate the returns.
  7. If the validation is successful, upload the FVU file to the TIN website or do an electronic submission along with the signed form 27A PDF at the facilitation center.
  8. If the validation fails, see the error report and fix the reported issues. Prepare a revised return text file and go back to step (1)

The Magical FVU Button

There are as many ways to stumble as there are steps. Don’t you wish all this could go away and all you had to do was press a button and. presto, it’s all done?
We present you a magic button that will soon be your best friend.

It looks like just any other ordinary button but, make no mistake, it packs a punch. Here is how this unassuming FVU button will transform you life:

  • From today, forget all about the FVU utility. You don’t need to download and install it any more. And if you are on Linux or Mac, you can throw away that Windows machine you had only for FVU work… The button takes over the responsibility of ensuring that your validation is always done with the latest version, every quarter.
  • Don’t worry about downloading the CSI files from the TIN website. The button is at your service and will automatically download it for you.
  • The superhero button prepares the text file, downloads CSI files, performs FVU validation, and generates annexure I (TDS breakup) and annexure II (4th quarter). All in 10 seconds flat.

The wise poet Thiruvalluvar says (or was it Kabir?):

"FVU validation is not a water fall,
it won’t happen in a single stroke.
It takes many a try, a stumble, and a fall,
Without magic buttons, it ain’t no joke"

Because this validation requires multiple runs, by cutting down cycle time you will end up saving hours of work.

The FVU button reports to duty and joins our stable of superheroes effective from 1st October, 2014. Mr Payroll Engine and Ms. Auto Challan Map will assist it with accurate tax deductions.

If all goes well, you just need to download the generated FVU file and the Form 27A PDF, sign the document and submit it. Or upload the FVU file to the TIN site.

We don’t want the magic button to learn how to forge your signature and sign the PDF by itself. Nor will ever do leg work like going to the facilitation center. However, in the future, it may upload the FVU file automatically to the TIN website if allowed by the tax department.

Log in to your greytHR account and start checking out the FVU button right away from the Form 24Q page.

Check out related documentation page and, if you need assistance in clicking the button or any other clarifications, our helpful support staff is just another click away!

If you don’t have a greytHR account, no magic button for you.

No, we don’t sell it loose and it’s all part of the goodies bundle. But creating a greytHR account takes less than a minute and it will end up saving you days upon days in myriad ways. Sign up now.

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