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PF process within greytHR: All you wanted to know and more

By Abhilash
June 14, 2017


A lot of our clients, greytHR users and readers of this blog wanted information on how to perform PF-related tasks via greytHR. Upon demand, in this blog post, we’ve created a short laundry list of PF-related tasks that can be performed via greytHR, which will help you be compliant with PF rules and norms.

Please note that the content below is for greytHR clients and users only.

As per our earlier blog post, UAN is mandatory for the ECR generation process and you must generate/ record UAN when onboarding a new employee.

How to onboard a newly joined employee onto PF

When a new employee joins your organization, perform the following steps/tasks to add him/her to PF:

  1. Add the newly joined employee on to greytHR. Please ensure that you collect the employee’s Aadhaar and other KYC documents from the employee.
  2. On greytHR, mark the employee as a PF contributor.
  3. Check if the employee is already a PF member (that is, was contributing to PF earlier and has a UAN).
  4. If the employee doesn’t have UAN:
    1. On the EPFO portal, upload the new employee’s information along with his/her Aadhaar and KYC documents.
    2. Generate a UAN for the employee.
  5. On greytHR, update the UAN.
  6. Finally, update the newly joined employee’s salary details and process payroll.

After you perform all these tasks, the new employee will be tagged as being part of your organization. From now onwards, all PF remittances will be credited to the new employee’s PF account. 

Similarly, you should always update PF details for all resigned employees so that they can either transfer or withdraw their PF amount as per their wish.

How to update PF details for resigned employees

If and when an employee leaves your organization, you need to update his/her PF details:

  1. On greytHR, update the resignation details of the employee by entering a tentative or actual exit date.
  2. After the employee has actually left the organization, perform his/her final settlement process.
  3. Process the payroll.
  4. On greytHR, generate the PF ECR file titled Exit Employee.
  5. On the EPFO portal, upload this Exit Employee PF ECR file.

Do you think that a summary of regular PF-related tasks, which will also act as a monthly checklist, will be a good parting gift? Yes?

Well, here goes...

PF-related tasks: A short summary/ monthly checklist

You can view detailed step-by-step information on PF-related tasks here.

Please do let us know whether this short blog post was useful to you. Has this helped you comply with PF filing processes and norms? Did you get all procedural information that you were looking for? We would love to hear from you.


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