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Pandemic Policies & Benefits at Sprinklr—Part 5

By greytHR
August 03, 2021

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Today’s HR professionals are working closely with business leaders and employees to address the challenges posed by the waves of the pandemic. Being empathetic has become an even more important leadership trait.

In Part 5 of this blog series, Mahima Kumar, Director of Culture and Talent at Sprinklr, shares her thoughts on how care benefits can help employees of an organization navigate the crisis.

Virtual Teamwork

When the first wave of the pandemic struck, the immediate challenge of organizations was to figure out how they can transition to the virtual mode of working. But the priorities shifted to other aspects during the second wave. The situation brought together everyone with a feeling of being part of one family. It was about being together and working together remotely.

Sprinklr Dashboard

When more than 200 of their people got affected during the pandemic, Sprinklr used its expertise and technology to create a dashboard that went viral. Built instantly by an army of Sprinklrites, the platform had all the crucial information, including the availability of hospitals, medicines, oxygen, and more, on a real-time basis.

Insurance & Healthcare

What happens when traditional insurance doesn’t help? People were not getting beds in their network hospitals. Even if they did, they had to make cash payments. There was no guarantee of getting an oxygen concentrator even if one had access to top hospitals. In this situation, organizations had to think beyond the usual employee support policies. Most of the actions were driven by empathy and a sense of community.

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I think this pandemic has taught me what we can do together as a family within an organization; I think those values have come to the fore during this time.

Mahima Kumar, Director, Culture and Talent, Sprinklr

Personal Life & EAP

Initially, people found it easy to stay at home, take care of the family, and manage the online classes of their kids. But these chores became stressful when the situation continued for one and a half years. It was difficult to stay motivated and think positively. The HR team at Sprinklr interacted with the employees on a daily basis and also organized a series of EAP sessions.

Future of Work

Adding to the previous speaker’s thoughts on the future mode of work, Mahima says that her organization was already using the work-from-home option quite liberally even earlier. Though it'll be good to go to the office, it is not going to be mandatory. She concludes by saying, “The future work will perhaps definitely have a hybrid model for our kind of industry.”

Watch the recording of the webinar


Go to Part-1 for an overview of the full webinar.


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