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Parichay Webinar: Pandemic Policies & Benefits at Broadridge—Part 4

By greytHR
August 03, 2021

Parichay Webinar: Pandemic Policies & Benefits at  Broadridge—Part 4

The fourth episode of the Parichay webinar series brought interesting insights to the fore. Rajita Singh, Head of Human Resources, Broadridge Financial Solutions Private Limited, maintains that HR policies can’t be considered in isolation.

In this session, she suggests the multiple parameters to be considered for framing policies. Representing the changing face of the Indian IT and ITeS industry, Rajita also tells us how Broadridge took a measured and structured approach to handle the current scenario. In part 4 of this blog series, let’s examine the key takeaways.

Flexibility in WFH

Employers can allow their employees to take off in the first half day. Even the government introduced a law that will enable organizations to offer a compressed workweek of only four days a week. Broadridge employees never worked from home due to the restrictions in the clients’ contracts. Today, the company’s 4,000 offices are functioning from home.

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The way organizations are structured right now is going to change. So it is going to be a hybrid model. It is going to be a virtual remote, completely remote and partial. So it is going to be a part of the policy for sure.

Rajita Singh, Head (Human Resources), Broadridge Financial Solutions Private Limited

Relevant Benefits

Earlier, the term benefit implied work-life balance, hygiene, and free food, to name a few. Even Rajita’s organization looked at it that way. In the current scenario of WFH, the very definition of employee benefits has changed. The applicability of benefits that required physical presence has become redundant. They also figured solutions to keep people motivated when working from home on the night shift.

Greater Focus on Insurance

When health and survival became very important, insurance companies were having a field day. People panicked when bumped up premium. But Rajita’s organization got a better life insurance policy to support all the employees. The company was even ready to provide a platform for employees to get an extra cover if they needed it.

Revised Allowances

Before the pandemic, employees could earn more when they went the extra mile at work. But the current situation made many perks like night shift allowances and travel allowances redundant. This impacted the employee’s take-home salary. Broadridge didn’t let their beloved employees down. They reviewed the changes and introduced new policies so that their employees got what they were supposed to get.

Infrastructure Support

When working from home, infrastructure barriers can pose a considerable challenge and impact productivity. Work cannot be stalled due to poor internet connectivity and lack of power backup. The leaders and core committee analyzed each requirement and regularly took inputs from the associates to arrive at a solution. This solution was eventually rolled out as a policy.

Mobility Policies

There's so much fluidity everywhere. How can you manage this and keep your workforce engaged? Certain job roles were tied only to travel. Now that travel is cut, how do people perform, and how do you measure everything? Broadridge had to reshuffle practically everything that they were doing. Rajita also thinks that policies have to be formulated specifically for mobility.

Work From Home (WFH) Perks

Ergonomics can’t be overlooked when employees are working from home. Broadridge arranged for tables, chairs, and computer accessories. The company will now review this policy annually. Every year, an X amount of money will be paid to every employee, with no questions asked, as reimbursement. This money can be used to buy whatever is needed for a home office.

Watch the recording of the full webinar



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