How SaaS acts as a catalyst for SMEs

By greytHR
2 minute read ● May 30, 2013
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How SaaS acts as a catalyst for SMEs

For SMEs, apart from a business process enabler, Software as a Service (SaaS) can act as a strong catalyst towards brand building and value generation by spending strategically for IT, improve operational efficiency, reduce the time required to automate the business process, and above all unleashing the potential of its workforce.

Unlike many other organisational interventions, SaaS/could computing could be a low-cost change agent.

Ability to roll-out quickly

Dedicated SaaS vendors are amazingly quick in automating the business process and go live. Process streamlining after months of the waiting period can not reap the expected ROI. Delay in automation could increase the resistance towards change, recurring loss due to operational inefficiencies, and more. Unlike traditional enterprise software delivery, SaaS models can help the organisation transition fast.

Low upfront investment

The investment decision is critical for SMEs and cannot afford the luxury of substantial capital investments. SaaS helps to cut down IT infrastructure cost, maintenance cost, and technical consultation expenses, and a whole host of overheads. The money can then be used for business expansion or promotions. Once organisations experience this, they soon realize that the monthly subscription for SaaS is indeed an investment and not an expenditure.

Scale when you wish

For SMEs, time is money, and they can not wait for months to expand their business. With SaaS, it is a matter of minutes to develop and interestingly, without any additional infrastructure. It is seamless, requires no waiting for study, consultation, more than 100 reports, and provides freedom from never-ending meetings and million-dollar bills. Economies of scale enable SMEs to make a just-in-time investment and not spend precious capital in capacity building at the beginning itself.

Engage employees

The most critical game-changer for any SME is its people. Highly engaged employees are a force multiplier tfo any business. SaaS applications with their anytime, anywhere, and anybody access enable SMEs to quickly disseminate information, improve decision-making quality, and empower the employees with the right knowledge. Additionally, it provides a platform for employee involvement in the organisation's various activities, thus improving their engagement.

SaaS platforms are increasingly commonplace in the workplace of today. There are a host of products for various needs. One of the most critical needs of any company is HR & Payroll software to effectively and precisely manage these otherwise tedious tasks. Software like greytHR seamlessly takes on multiple roles and gives that much-needed boost to SMEs.

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