How to create a stunning job advertisement

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2 minute read ● September 24, 2013
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How to create a stunning job advertisement

It is very important for a company or a firm to recruit the right staff to climb up the ladder of success. You can attract talented and skilled candidates to your advertisement only if you make your advertisement stunning. By incorporating a contrast of creativity and humor, you can make your advertisement very popular amongst the targeted candidates. Here are a few tips that could help you make a stunning job advertisement:

  • Make your ad colorful:

    The use of bright colors can help your advertisement look stunning. Keep your advertisement simple and yet sophisticated. It is generally advisable not to make advertisements cluttered with text as it doesn’t leave a good impact. You can take the help of your PC’s paint tool to design the initial layout. Thereafter, you can always consult a professional illustrator or artist to get it fine tuned.

  • Informative and catchy job title:

    The first point to be taken into consideration while making the job advertisement is the job title. Usually, job seekers look for plenty of jobs, all at the same time. If they do no find the title informative and appealing enough, they would have a tendency to skip the entire advertisement and go to the next one that grabs their attention and fans some amount of curiosity. So, make sure that your advertisement is based on an interesting concept with a catchy job title/tagline that's going to stick in people's minds.

  • Use of relevant details and keywords:

    The use of relevant details about the job profile and keywords is exceedingly important to promote your advertisement. Use relevant keywords so that when job seekers search jobs in job portals using those key phrases, your advertisement ranks high in their search results. Your ad should also state how to apply for the position and the last date of application so that you can track application status effectively.

  • Blend in some fun:

    Though job advertisements demand mature content and a serious tone, you can always blend some fun elements to stand apart from run-of-the mill ads. For instance, you can use some cartoon-style graphics and characters to drive home the point while giving an amusing, tongue-in-cheek element to your advertisement campaign.

  • Entice the readers:

    You may drum up some publicity in print or online media like a teaser campaign, which will make people curious about what it is all about. If you are lucky, such campaigns may even go viral, where people talk about it in a frenzy with their friends and others. Thus, the stage would be set and when you job advertisement is unveiled, people would automatically sit up and take notice.

  • Describe reasons why your company stands out from the rest:

    To grasp the attention of the most talented and potential candidates, you have to make your job post very intriguing. Here are a few things that you can do to make it so:

Highlight the perks and incentives: Mention anything and everything that your company provides in addition to a handsome salary.

Beat your competition: Keep a check on others in your list of competitors and do something better than them. This is a strategy to be one up on them and entice employees to apply for the vacant post.

Don’t paint the wrong picture about your company: Make your would-be employees realize that they can have faith in you and your company. At the end of the day, all you need is the right and reliable staff. So, ensure that your advertisement projects an honest tone and doesn’t cook up stories that send the wrong vibes to potential candidates.

Once your advertisement is ready, you can use a balanced blend of traditional (local newspaper) and online (such as popular job portals, Facebook, Linkedln, Quikr etc) media to get the desired response.

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