Revision Planner: Salary Cut Budgeting in COVID Times & Beyond

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1 minute read ● May 11, 2020
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Revision Planner: Salary Cut Budgeting in COVID Times & Beyond

COVID 19, the Black Swan of 2020, has hobbled the world economy. All businesses are figuring out ways to manage their liquidity, including salary cuts.

Most of the business owners are using Excel spreadsheets to come up with an ideal salary revision plan. This process is not just cumbersome and error-prone, but also requires a lot of time and effort.

Hence, greytHR has come up with the best possible solution to cater to its customers.

The greytHR Revision Planner: Intuitive, Iterative, Instructive

We are happy to announce the launch of greytHR Revision Planner - a specialized tool to analyze multiple salary revision scenarios - within a few minutes with zero manual efforts.

greytHR Revision Planner helps companies aiming at salary revisions simulate multiple scenarios and decide the best deferment/cut policy. Using greytHR Revision Planner, employers can determine a fair plan for the employees while meeting the company’s opex budget. It aims at tailoring the plan accurately in just a matter of minutes without the difficulty of using multiple tools.

Pricing & Availability:

greytHR Revision Planner is an auto-enabled feature for all existing greytHR users at zero additional cost.

Infographics  - What If Analysis

Key Features :

  • Multiple Scenarios

Using the Revision Planner, the user can generate multiple plans using salary-bands and salary-cut percentages as inputs., You can compare and find the best plan for your business.

  • Downloadable Reports

The Revision Planner generates downloadable reports for off-the-desk analysis and internal operational usage.

Why greytHR revision planner?

Steps to use Revision Planner:

  • Goal Definition:

Set the goal for the tool specifying the percentage of increment or decrement in the salary budget.


  • Band Range Setup:

Define the frequency and have salary-cut percentages based on salary ranges to arrive at a revision plan. Also, you can compute the deviation from the set goal in real-time through what-if analysis.


  • Salary Data Generation:

Figure out the best plan and export the report for further usage.


So, Why Wait?

Get started now by logging in to your account and explore the Revision Planner to figure out the best-fit salary revision plan for your employees.

Should you need any help or you’d want to learn more, please write back to us in the comments section below.

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