Employee Documents Management Software Simplified

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2 minute read ● July 31, 2014
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Employee Documents Management Software Simplified

What is Employee Document Management

Employee Document Management is the process of recording, storing, and managing all documents and letters of an employee during the employee’s life cycle in your company. This storage gives HR easy and anytime, anywhere access to this slice of employee information.

Store & access all employee-provided documents quickly and easily:

greytHR provides clear and simple means to input and retrieve the employee documents. As HR, you can upload documents and view online employee-given records and download or print letters, forms, and policies in a jiffy. The document store comprises records of past and serving employees.

The range of employee-given records are academic certificates, records of previous employment, and various ID proofs and bank details. You can also store an employee’s career and personal information; including terms and conditions of employment, performance records, and exit details. Some of this information is gathered during onboarding stage and you may also need them for background checks.

greytHR employee document management offers centralized storage of this variegated information. Employees can view and download the stored document from Employee Portal the self-serve application. The intuitive and simple interface of greytHR makes it easy upload documents and generate letters, policies, and forms. You can also create your own templates for documents in greytHR.

Whether it is casual Fridays or leave carry over, just create and publish your Dress Code Policy and Leave Policy to employees. And watch the number of queries to managers and you dropping significantly. You can also publish forms such as for PF Withdrawal, Appraisal Self Review, or Education Grant. This is yet another time saver feature in greytHR. Employees need no longer locate or verify the version of a policy document on a file server. The copy they see is always the latest. However, greytHR Admin can log and track the document versions.

Online storage ensures compliance across locations with templates and a standardized storage format. You can store documents in a rich selection of industry standards such as DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, or GIF.

Irrespective of your location, you can now quickly access records of any employee and related documents such as Resume, Qualifications, and Certificates. Employee satisfaction also increases as you resolve their documentation requests quickly. Whether it is Address Proof Letter for passport application or a new joinee’s Appointment Letter and query on leave policy, simply dispatch required document to the employee’s portal.

Generate all employee letters in a few clicks

With greytHR, generating employee letters is now a breeze. You just need to select the employee, select the letter, and click a button. That is it. No more searching for Word documents and merging with Excel files. Some of the letters that you can generate include:

  • Offer Letter
  • Appointment Letter
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Address Proof Letter
  • Transfer Letter
  • Promotion Letter
  • Experience Letter

An added advantage is the ability to customize or create the letters as per your requirements. If you do not have a ready format, we can help there too. We have created a number of templates in our Letter Templates gallery. Use them as is or customize them further as per your need.

Key Benefits:

greytHR Documents module helps you:

  • Centralize all documents related to company policies so that employees can easily access them whenever needed.
  • Publish all commonly used HR Forms so that employees do not need to go hunting for physical forms or access file servers.
  • Generate any employee letter quickly. No more doing a Save As of a document.
  • Ensure standardized usage of forms and letters across locations.
  • Have instant access to all employee-provided documents. Do it from office or your client location. No more waiting for someone to provide you this information from a physical file.
  • Log and track all documents issued to your employees.

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