Driving Organisational Progress by Integrating People, Processes and Culture

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By greytHR
2 minute read ● September 11, 2022
Organisational Progress by Integrating People, Processes and Culture

A progressive organisation has to consider every employee as a critical asset. It is the responsibility of HR to keep every employee comfortable and motivated. To achieve this, the organisation has to build a positive work culture and offer equal opportunities to
all employees.

Is it possible?

We know it is, but we invited a seasoned HR leader to give us the answer. During an hour-long conversation at our Parichay Webinar Series, Om Narayan Rai, GM (HR) of Infopro Learning, Inc., shared many pearls of wisdom from his wealth of experience.

In this blog post, we summarised our takeaways as answers to some of the questions. We also encourage you to listen to the webinar recording after reading. You'd be glad you did! Our guest speaker gave more insights into why an organisation has to integrate its people, processes and culture.

What are the benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace?

Although diversity introduces a few barriers, it also encourages a different thought process. Diversity challenges the status quo and enhances the ability to be accommodative. Also, a diverse workplace has immense potential to be more productive and more creative.

How can an organisation build a strong culture?

In the conventional top-down approach, organisations were designed like machines delivering a predefined output. A better alternative is to connect everybody and form teams in a manner that ensures maximum agility and collaboration. This approach is likely to have a positive impact since everybody will embrace a culture of being accountable for something.

What is the importance of employee integration?

New team members don't know an organisation's do's and don'ts. They also don't know how things work in the new workplace. Therefore, it's important to help them adapt to the new culture and understand the people and processes of the organisation. When this happens, even a steep learning curve won't matter much. Also, temporary performance dips won't be a challenge anymore.

Are there any best practices to improve team dynamics?

Employees spend more time at the office than at home. One way to improve their team spirit is by creating multiple programs that let them eliminate their inhibitions (and become kids again!) for a certain period. When they enjoy their time together, team dynamics will increase multifold.

How can workplace conflicts be resolved?

First of all, we need to understand why a conflict occurs. Usually, it happens when two people don't understand or accept each other's perspectives. It's a matter of communication gap. HR should understand both perspectives and do what has to be done as per the organisational policy. When the concerned employees see impartiality and transparency, they are likely to cooperate and make informed decisions.

Watch the recording of the entire webinar

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