Data Safety on the Cloud - A Big Concern?

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2 minute read ● March 26, 2013
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Data Safety on the Cloud - A Big Concern?

This is the era of cloud computing. Cloud is transforming the industry. Cloud is the answer for every changing requirements of a dynamic enterprise since it standardizes process management across a diverse work culture. Everyone is aware of the cascade of benefits that cloud brings to your organization. It brings the big data tools at your fingertips, providing access to data and analytics on the go; and most importantly it’s frugal, cutting down all IT infrastructure investments.

Even the much smaller enterprises nowadays, are opting for cloud systems realizing that it empowers them to grow up to the next level.

There’s a huge demand of cloud systems in the HR functions as well, since they are involved in managing countless company-wide admin work which are mundane but crucial at the same time. The HR teams, being the backbone of any organization, not only need to focus on the data management, but on the growth strategy as well. A lot of overwhelming and vital activities such as employee data management, attendance and leave management, payroll management, MIS reporting etc. are needed to be centralized to help them dedicate time to strategize and plan.

However, moving your HR process on the cloud may raise many questions such as :


  1. How secure is my data?
  2. Does the vendor have access to my company’s confidential data?
  3. Are my data accessible only to authorized individuals?
  4. How to ensure my data is safe if any disruptive event occurs?

Being in the industry for almost two decades we have seen how the HR managers are reluctant to use cloud when it comes to manage confidential salary and statutory records.

We understand, data security and maintenance of data confidentiality is most vital when it comes to managing a crucial function like HR; that’s why we take all reasonable and commercially available measures to ensure this.

With our track record of implementing HR and payroll cloud solution for our 1350+ customers in last 3 years we assure you that you get world class security.

Physical and Network Security

  • greytHR runs on the Amazon cloud, which is one of world’s best providers of a highly reliable, scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud.
  • They power hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world.
  • Physical security provided at the data center like biometric access, surveillance cameras, photo ID card, etc.
  • Network level security consisting of robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems and AntiVirus software.
  • Dedicated personnel IDC monitor both the above on a 24X7 basis.

Web Application Security

The application is built ground-up with the view that it would be a multi-tenanted internet based application. Some of the considerations that have been incorporated are:

  • The service is provided on a HTTPS protocol, ensuring encryption of data and secure transmission
  • Comprehensive application level security addressing issues like cross-side scripting, SQL Injection, etc.
  • Facility to configure a password policy, to enforce stronger and more secure passwords
  • Regular vulnerability scanning, schedule OS security updates & patches, log analysis and server monitoring
  • Storage of data in a separate schema of the database
  • Fine-grained access control to various features, which ensures minimal access rights only to concerned persons, and hence ensures no improper usage of the system
  • Disaster recovery plan includes data backups on a regular basis to ensures business continuity during a disruptive event

Restricted data access

Within Greytip we have put in place robust guidelines and strict measures are taken to protect your confidentiality and integrity.

  • Access to the database is restricted only to the team looking after the servers and the CTO
  • Employees sign a strict NDA with greytHR which legally binds them to maintaining confidentiality

Our utmost care not only provides you a smarter system, but also makes sure your data remains confidential throughout your venture with greytHR and beyond.

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