‘Attracting Excellence at Work and in Personal Life’ - Webinar

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3 minute read ● November 18, 2016
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‘Attracting Excellence at Work and in Personal Life’ - Webinar

On Wednesday, 9 November, our Expert Series webinar on “Attracting Excellence at Work and in Personal Life” by applying the Law of Attraction (LOA) concept in various situations was one of the most animated and engaging webinars till date.

Rajeev, the distinguished speaker, made the webinar lively, interesting and fun by adding his own brand of analogies, histrionics and excellent use of voice modulation while enacting few scenarios and examples. This will be vouched for by our attendees; it was certainly a webinar not meant to be missed on an otherwise monotonous, mid-week afternoon.

Introduction of the LOA concept

He introduced the LOA concept (from Rhonda Byrne’s book and film The Secret) with a certain kind of confidence that only comes from one’s own life experience. He went on to explain that like Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, this too was a law that works, irrespective of the situation. So LOA will definitely solve the top three challenges faced by startups and small companies.

What is the LOA concept?

The Law of Attraction simply states that you attract all that happens in your life. You attract what you focus on/ give attention to through your thoughts and feelings.

He explained that to make LOA work for your betterment, you should focus only on the thoughts and feelings that make you feel good. To prove his point, he highlighted the true life story of Robert (from the book, The Secret), a gay American worker who faced harassment, bullying and isolation at work because of him being gay. He explained how a psychologist then helped Robert apply the LOA concept and how it then changed Robert’s work life for the better.

How to apply this concept?

To apply this concept in your work as well as personal life, all you need to do is:

  • Retain enabling, useful thoughts and feelings.
  • Change thoughts on unsatisfactory areas or areas that need improvement.
  • Do it in ‘Alpha’ state. Alpha state is that deep, meditative state of mind, which relaxes us and brings us emotional stability. You can achieve an ‘Alpha’ state when you meditate, practice yoga, exercise well, etc. More importantly, when you do any activity that makes you feel good, you’re most likely in an ‘Alpha’ state.

The trick

You must:

  • Focus on what you want by thinking and feeling positively about what you want and need.
  • Visualize harmony and collaboration in interpersonal relationships and with co-workers.
  • Feel gratitude for what you have received and achieved in life. Understand that gratitude is a great multiplier in life. It is a known fact that grateful people are happier, less depressed and more satisfied with their lives and relationships.

At this juncture, Rajeev made the webinar very light-hearted by taking the example of a Tamil film, ‘Aval Appadi Thaan’, to explain why you must ask, believe and act upon all the good things that you need in life.

Instances of real-life application of LOA in Rajeev’s work life

At Hyundai Motor India Ltd., in the Learning & Development department, he and other senior managers collectively visualized successful training programs and targets to achieve (in an ‘Alpha’ state). After 21 consecutive days (scientifically proven minimum number of days to make anything a habit) of collective visualization and collaborative team work, they were able to increase attendance for all training programs and also achieved their targets.

Due to lack of time, he could only briefly touch upon certain mind-programming techniques which help you achieve great results in creating a harmonious work environment.

Feel good, think positive and look at only the good things about the people who you resent. Practice this for 21 consecutive days at least and see the difference.

So go ahead and try out whether Law of Attraction works for you or not. Give us your feedback and comments.

About the Speaker

M.N. Rajeev, Director, Niche Learning Services Ltd.

He’s a Learning Consultant who facilitates training programs for the corporate sector. He incorporates pathbreaking concepts, such as LOA and mind-programming into his training techniques. He has a rich experience of over three decades in HR with both public and private sector companies that include SAIL, BEML Ltd., JSW Steel Ltd. and Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
To learn more about the LOA concept and how to use mind-programming techniques for great results, you can visit his blog: http://hrdian.blogspot.in/

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