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Employee Engagement

Are you trying to unlock a strategy to gauge the engagement levels of your employees? Then, use these five metrics suggested by an expert and guest speaker at our greytInsights conversation.

Employee Engagement: 5 Crucial HR Metrics

  • Productivity Level: Use the right KPIs and measure the productivity levels of individuals and teams. Productive employees are likely to be more engaged, and vice versa.

  • Customer Sentiment: Use metrics like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to understand how your employees' happiness affects customers' emotions. Generally, happy employees result in happy customers.

  • Talent Retention: As per the Pareto Principle, 20% of your employees may account for 80% of your productivity. Since the talent market is competitive, the organization must engage this group.

  • Employee Referral: When employees like your workplace, they may refer others from their network. If 40% of your open positions are filled through Employee Referrals, you can consider it a good benchmark or a gold standard.

  • Voluntary Effort: The measure of your team’s voluntary effort is a key indicator of an engaged workplace. Therefore, you need to track all the initiatives they take, the IP they create, and the customer impact they drive.

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