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Hiring Best Practices

Do you aspire to master the art of talent acquisition? Then, adopt these three best practices decoded by an expert and guest speaker at our greytInsights conversation.

3 Best Practices for Hiring Top Talent

  • Employee Value Proposition: To brand your organization as the right place to work, you need an employee value proposition that’s aligned with your business purpose. Only then will candidates consider your organization.

  • Good Employee Experience: A positive experience matters from the preliminary call until the completion of the onboarding process. Organizations have started adopting net promoter scores (NPS) for candidate experience as well.

  • Data-based Decisions: A predetermined process, with the right technology, is necessary to enable data-based decisions. Application tracking systems (ATS), recruitment outsourcing systems, and AI-based solutions (e.g., conversational chatbots) can support talent acquisition in a big way.

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