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Job Success Criteria

Job success criteria are the specific goals, benchmarks or standards that are used to evaluate the performance of an employee in a particular job. These criteria are typically established by the HR department or hiring manager, and are used to determine if an employee is meeting the expectations of the role and contributing to the overall success of the organisation.

Job success criteria can include a wide range of factors, such as meeting specific performance targets, achieving certain milestones or demonstrating certain skills or abilities. They may also include factors such as attendance, punctuality, and adherence to company policies.

Although the job success criteria are defined during the recruitment stage itself, they are an important part of the performance management process. They provide employees with clear expectations and goals. They are also used to evaluate employee performance and make decisions about promotions, salary increases or other forms of recognition.

These may include factors such as the number of tasks completed, the quality of work, customer satisfaction levels or other metrics that are relevant to the particular job.

Examples of job success criteria:

  • Salesperson: The number of sales made, the value of sales, customer satisfaction levels and the achievement of sales targets.
  • Customer service representative: The number of customer inquiries handled, the resolution of customer issues, customer satisfaction levels and the achievement of service level targets.
  • Software developer: The number of features or modules developed, the quality of code, the achievement of project deadlines and the satisfaction of project stakeholders.
  • Marketing manager: The success of marketing campaigns, the achievement of marketing goals, the level of customer engagement and the return on investment for marketing activities.
  • HR manager: The number of employee onboarding and training sessions conducted, the success of employee engagement initiatives, the achievement of diversity and inclusion goals and the overall satisfaction of employees with HR services.
Job Success Criteria