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What is HR Management (HRM)?

HR Management (HRM) is all about people. All business need to handle different people concerns in order to smoothly run a business and to grow it.

HRM is concerned with four HR Knowledge Domains:

  • People
  • Teams
  • Organization
  • Workplace

The different aspects of HRM are:

  • HR Strategic Planning: How many departments and teams do we need? What roles are required? What skills and experience are needed for each role?
  • Talent Acquisition: How do we attract and hire the talent we have planned to acquire?
  • Employee Life-cycle Management: What processes do we need at every stage of the employee's life cycle within the organization?
  • Performance Management: How do we get top performance from our human capital? What can we do to support and sustain the performance?
  • Rewards and Recognition: How do we create a positive employee relationship and job satisfaction by recognizing employee contributions? How do we reward people for their performance and dedication to the business?
  • Talent Development: What are the current gaps in skills and behaviors of employees for a good job fit? How can we reskill and upskill our employees to help them stay relevant and grow?
  • Employee Engagement: How can the emotional commitment of an employee can be seeded towards their organization and its goals?

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