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About Kalyani Developers

Construction and Real Estate
1001 - 2000
Bangalore, India

Kalyani Developers operates as a group of companies centered around the construction and real estate sector while also offering allied services including IT park construction, ventures in security, facility management, and green energy. With a substantial presence in two states, their operations are primarily concentrated in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. This expansive network, including other cities in Karnataka like Dhawangiri and Hubli, illustrates Kalyani Developers' comprehensive approach to real estate, pairing innovation with sustainability in the industry.

Kalyani Developers grappled with time- and effort-intensive HR processes and the administrative burden of managing a diverse workforce across multiple locations.

HR Management before implementing greytHR

Resource-intensive customizations

Kalyani Developers found managing their HRM through the legacy system to be a resource-intensive challenge, necessitating a substantial IT team for regular customizations and configurations. Given their focus on the real estate sector, maintaining a large IT force wasn't viable.


Trigger for change: 
Need for resource-efficient customizations

Given these challenges with the existing system, Kalyani Developers turned to greytHR, a solution tailor-made for the Indian market. Despite the broader functionalities of the legacy system and years of using it, greytHR emerged as the more user-friendly option, catering to their specific demands with more agility and less manual intervention.

greytHR’s configurable capabilities
deliver results for Kalyani Developers

Easier compliance with efficient letter generation

During large-scale hiring, Kalyani Developers navigates complex compliance requirements, including employee letter generation. Using greytHR's custom templates, they now efficiently create essential documents like address proofs directly from the system, simplifying compliance and expediting the onboarding process.

A holistic leave and attendance solution

Kalyani Developers utilizes greytHR’s leave module to manage various leave transactions, including leave encashments, grants, and approvals. They have policies that dictate the timely application of different leave types, with allowances for emergencies and attendance regularizations. This ensures smooth and equitable leave management, accommodating unforeseen contingencies efficiently.

Applying for leave on behalf of employees

In situations where an employee is unable to apply for leave themselves, Kalyani Developers leverages greytHR's feature that allows managers to apply for leave on an employee’s behalf. This is especially utilized around payroll processing time to prevent loss-of-pay situations and safeguard employee interests.

Mobile App streamlines a host of HR processes

At new project sites of Kalyani Developers where biometric systems are still in the works, greytHR’s mobile app steps in as a one-stop solution. It provides select individuals with mobile login access, facilitating easy approvals for leaves and instant access to essential documents like insurance papers, Form 16, and payslips, right from their smartphones.

Reporting and compliance made easy with greytHR

greytHR offers not only a range of pre-configured reports, accessible by default, but also allows for customized creations, including payroll statements and e-TDS returns. The added bonus? A feature that tracks all details post return filing, ensuring no details are missed at the year-end. Thus, greytHR offers Kalyani a unified reporting system that eliminates the need for multiple teams, and brings ease to multi-location operations.

Optimized resource and financial allocation

Switching to greytHR was a game-changer for Kalyani Developers. At just 10% of the cost of their old system, greytHR not only met but exceeded expectations, proving to be a cost-effective and resource-efficient solution for managing their HR needs.
Shankar A-undefined

"It's a great tool to use and is easy to access and customize. It addresses all the requirements of Indian users and the UI is self-explanatory. Anyone can achieve their targets easily and enjoyably."

Shankar AHead of HR, Kalyani Developers

Leveraging greytHR’s comprehensive and flexible capabilities, Kalyani Developers has successfully streamlined its HR and compliance processes, enhancing efficiency across its multifaceted operations. 

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