Employee Self Service Portal

The power to help themselves

Empower employees with access to personal organisational information. Enable greater transparency, improved communication and engagement. The portal also enables anytime, anywhere access.

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)
General Activities

ESS portal - General Activities

View your own information

View your personal information, such as payslips, personal details, etc.

View your official documents and letters

Access, download and print any official documents and letters published onto the ESS by the HR or Payroll personnel for you.

View company policies and forms

Access, download and print the latest company policies, forms and employee handbook published onto the ESS by the HR or Payroll personnel.

Leverage the power of social networking

Just like any social network, view, like and comment on real-time company updates, events and news on our Social Feeds section. Appreciate colleagues, debate and discuss various topics with them and so on.

Search for and view employees

Search for and view any employee-related information via the employee directory. The directory shows employee information, such as his/ her designation, reporting manager, email ID, photograph, extension, etc.

ESS portal - Payroll

ESS portal - Payroll

View payroll information

View payslips, total earnings statements, Reimbursement statements and Reimbursement claims, and PF and YTD statements. Also, view details related to loans or advances like installments paid, balance payable, etc.

Employee Leave

ESS portal - Leave

View leave balances and holidays

View leave balances (across all leave types) and holiday details.

Manage leave transactions

Employees and managers can apply for and approve or reject leaves/ restricted holidays, respectively, based on leave balances and project requirements.

View team’s leave information

Managers can view their team members’ leave-related information before approving or rejecting leave requests. They can also view the leave balance summary in a dashboard format.

Employee Help Desk

ESS portal - Help Desk

Use as IT Help Desk

Raise tickets for hardware or software requirements, internet or intranet access and access to other IT assets/ networks. These then reach the IT team for resolution.

Use as Admin Help Desk

Raise tickets for facility management issues, such as cleanliness, air-conditioning, cafeteria or water dispensers.

Use for Recruitment needs

Managers or department heads can easily and directly raise requests to the recruitment team to help fill open positions within the department.

Use as Accounts Help Desk

Address queries and concerns related to TDS, loans or even the final settlement amount.

Use as HR Help Desk

Raise HR queries, concerns and requirements via the Help Desk without mailing or meeting them in person.

Employee Attendance processing

ESS portal - Attendance

ESS portal - Attendance

Managers in your organization can now view their team members' attendance and leave-related information anytime, anywhere. HR will no longer need to constantly keep generating reports or email regarding attendance and leave information.

On Employee Self Service, managers in your organization can access better information with significantly lesser effort:

  • Manage attendance regularizations: Employees and managers can apply for and approve or reject attendance regularizations, respectively, for days when employees have left earlier than scheduled out-time.
  • View your attendance information: View accurate and real-time attendance-related information, such as present/ absent days, half-days, sessions attended, in and out times, alerts for deductions, etc.
  • View team’s attendance information: Managers can view their team members’ accurate attendance-related information and status (who's in, who's late) in real time, irrespective of their locations.

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