The world is moving towards cloud computing. Are you?

By greytHR
1 minute read ● September 26, 2015
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The world is moving towards cloud computing. Are you?

This burst in demand for Cloud brings a shower of advantages to SMEs and professionals. As a subject matter expert, you understand the advantage of software and have been using different tools for some time now.

You also understand the advantage of a custom application over spreadsheets for bringing in cost efficiency and increased revenue. However, the cost of acquisition in terms of hardware, software, and in-house IT expertise has been a deterrent.

With Cloud the deterrents vanish!

Cloud is available without additional investment in IT infrastructure and Annual Maintenance Charges. IT expertise is now just a call away. With flexible payment terms, the IT and Peripherals expense also moves from Capex to Opex.

Too good to be true?! We will move even faster as the momentum picks up on the new spectrums and infrastructure improvements. Rest assured the advantages of Cloud Computing far outweigh the risks.

Changes to the applications on Cloud are much faster and effortless! For example, the daily HR task of letter generation is a single-click process in greytHR. Computing salaries as per the regulations has been taken care within greytHR.

With unprecedented growth of smart hand-held devices, can we really afford to ignore Cloud applications — the driver of these smart devices ?

Cloud brings a similar betterment to other CA practices such as Payroll Outsourcing or Accounting. And the wonderful thing is that you can access the service anytime, anywhere and not depend on files on a machine that is shut down after business hours.

Greytip is at the forefront of creating cloud applications for SMEs and CAs with its flagship product greytHR, which provides Payroll and Payroll Outsourcing automation.

A large portion of the work that we do, services that we consume, and our interactions are moving to the Cloud. Cloud is undoubtedly now an integral part of our life.

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