Process every your payroll accurately with greytHR Tasks & Checklists

By Vishnupriya
3 minute read ● September 27, 2018
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Process every your payroll accurately with greytHR Tasks & Checklists

With Payroll cycle around the corner for this month, the payroll stress would have already started bothering most of you. Since payroll is a complex and yet an unavoidable part of conducting business, it is worrying that whenever there is a delay in salary, or prone to errors, it might spoil the relationship between the employees and the CxOs and also cause unnecessary work for you.

As a payroll admin, you have to not just understand the requirements of payroll but also manage the basic payroll processes, tax regulations and necessary administrative duties. During the payroll cycle, you perform multiple tasks like update revised salary, loan deduction, processes payroll, payroll reconciliations and prepare accounts JV. You also have to wait for specific tasks to be completed by the HR to start the actual payout process.

Even though you’re skilled to perform all the steps in a payroll process, there is a high probability that few steps might get missed out as it involves multiple handoffs and dependencies. Payroll being a repetitive and tedious process, you have to possess a high level of accuracy, not miss any of the steps in the process and be on track with the changing statutory regulations.

Understanding this concern, greytHR - India’s No. 1 HR and Payroll software has come up with an exclusive feature named Tasks and Checklists-a smart way to automate your recurring HR and Payroll tasks. With this automated HR and Payroll checklist, the room for errors can be avoided, and any HR and payroll process can be done automatically and smoothly without any steps skipped.

Not just this, greytHR offers 5 pre-built checklists templates that can help you standardize many of your processes like employee onboarding, the confirmation process, exit process, pre payroll process and post payroll processing. So why don’t you go ahead and start exploring them!

With greytHR’s Payroll Software and Tasks and Checklists implemented, you can beat the payroll stress as greytHR will guide you through each payroll period by processing the payroll smoothly and bring zero scopes for errors. This will result in right salary calculations and therefore result in happy employees.

Now let’s see how greytHR automated Payroll checklist works:

  • To start-off, access the tasks template for the payroll process from the pre-built payroll checklist.
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  • Assign the associated owners for each specified payroll tasks along with a due date. (This is a one-time activity)
  • Now whenever “Create Payroll” gets initiated from greytHR Payroll application, the pre-payroll checklist will get triggered automatically.
  • The entire set of tasks associated with pre-payroll gets delegated automatically to the respective team member with a set timeline through notifications so that they can get started quickly without any hassle.
  • Once the tasks get completed, the team member can mark it as completed and you will get an email notification instantly.
  • You can get to track the progress of all tasks assigned and also know the status of them as well.
  • You can keep a tab on all the tasks that are still pending/overdue, follow-up with the other team members and streamline the entire process.
  • Once all the pre-payroll tasks are completed, and you’re ready to lock the payroll input and process payroll, the post payroll checklist will get triggered automatically, and the same procedure follows suit.

Now with this automated payroll checklist, you can initiate the salary payout process based on employees’ payment mode with ease without any errors.

greytHR payroll software with inbuilt payroll checklist provides a great relief of not handling complex formulae and then ending up with a lot of payroll errors. This leaves you at the impossibility of generating an inaccurate payroll- something which you cannot afford anymore.

Remember, when the entire company depends on you to get paid, the pressure is high as there should not be any margin for error. And by using greytHR Payroll Software and Tasks & Checklist feature, you are not just streamlining the entire payroll process, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment, boosts motivation, reduces manual efforts & transactional costs.

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