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By Yohann
2 minute read ● November 14, 2016
greytHR HR and Payroll software

Human Resources is a title that's very often misunderstood and flippantly abbreviated. The dictionary defines it as “the personnel of a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities”. In the current rat race, how well do we treat these assets? On the official job profile of an HR professional, it’ll be peppered with superlatives which, if adhered to, would drastically increase retention. The unfortunate truth is, this misunderstood department is bogged down by clerical tasks that leave no scope to focus on the said resources.

This inadvertently trickles down to the employees who feel isolated in their woes. Eventually, it gives way to the current trend of jumping ship everytime the wind blows. So is there a way to address this by nurturing your employees and retaining talent?

Here are the five ways you can get the most from greytHR HR and Payroll software:

1. Paperless HR:

One of the many benefits of a cloud software for your HR & Payroll needs is that almost everything is digital. What this means for you is that all transactions with the employees are online and can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. Leave applications, policies, attendance tracking, reports, IT, etc. fall well under the capabilities of this automated and robust software.

2. Statutory compliances:

What was once dreaded and intimidating, is now a walk in the park. The popular concern of any business is which side of the law they fall on. With greytHR, this is finally put at rest. No longer does one have to spend hours trying to decipher infamously convoluted government forms. Instead, our software is 100% statutory compliant - constantly updated with the latest laws.

3. Integrated leave and attendance:

HR/payroll managers have to contend with a multitude of challenges pertaining to leave policy customization, leave tracking, real-time attendance capture and shift management, among others The leave and attendance management modules of greytHR make these tasks a breeze. So, brace yourself to streamline and expedite your operations through HR automation.

4. Employee self-service:

A successful company is one with happy employees. The problem many companies face is the lack of a proper structure to get tasks done. Everything from checking leave balances to YTD statements requires many points of contact that not only take up time but adversely affect the employee, psychologically. The ESS feature in greytHR automates everything so the employee has on-demand access to all relevant information - payslips leave requests, statements, etc. All this information is available on a dedicated mobile app too.

5. One-click letter generation:

Generate all kinds of official letters (address proof, salary certificate, experience, confirmation, offer, increment, transfer, etc.) with just one click. Our letter generation wizard and comprehensive template gallery allow you to generate letters quickly or customize letter templates based on your requirements and company policy. You can quickly mail or publish the required letter to the employee or use bulk mailing option to send letters to your employees all in one go.

There's one more left. It's Read 5 and Get 1 Free!

6. Resources:

greytHR, with its 25 years of domain expertise, has a host of resources to help their customers. With our webinars, community platform, blogs and courses on greytHR Academy, we have you covered from every angle. To top it off, our customer support is well trained with a high customer-satisfaction rating.

Now that you’ve got the most from greytHR, your HR department is free to focus on the things that matter - Human Resources.

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