Groyyo leverages greytHR’s powerful automation capabilities to amp up its payroll game

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About Groyyo

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Groyyo is the world’s first manufacturer-first automation platform. The organization brings millions of manufacturing MSMEs together on a single platform and helps them grow their business. With the bold vision of empowering 20 million+ micro-manufacturers across Asia and giving them an opportunity to take their business global, Groyyo is transforming the manufacturing sector with technology and standardization.

Groyyo's essential goal: meeting growing payroll needs

The Key Need

With a vision to empower over 20 million manufacturing MSMEs across Asia, Groyyo needed a powerful and scalable payroll solution to deliver to the needs of the growing organization


Introduction to greytHR: A journey from employee access to payroll management

Harshavardhan, a senior payroll associate at Groyyo today, initially used greytHR as an employee in 
a prior role. Upon transitioning to a new company, he adopted the platform at the organization for 
its HRMS needs. Now, greytHR serves as the solution of choice for payroll management and other 
needs at Groyyo.

greytHR delivers powerful payroll automation
to meet Groyyo’s evolving needs

Quick employee onboarding: one-click salary setup and bulk data upload

greytHR revolutionized employee onboarding at Groyyo with its intuitive salary structure feature. Once the cost to company (CTC) is entered, the system automatically calculates and displays the detailed salary breakdown. This eliminates the need for individual manual calculations. Additionally, greytHR’s Excel bulk upload option allowed for quick and efficient population of required employee data, all in one go. This feature significantly reduced the time and effort required for setting up new hires.

Navigate compliance with ease: one-click PF-ECR reporting & easy Form 16

When it came to compliance at Gryyo, greytHR significantly simplified, among others, the process of Form 16 and 24Q generation as well as PF-ECR reporting. With just a few clicks, users could generate these essential compliance documents, eliminating the need for manual effort or hiring external consultants for these activities. This level of automation not only ensured accuracy but also resulted in considerable time and cost savings.

Effortless document generation: template-based employee letters

Document generation, particularly for employee letters, used to be a manual, time-consuming process at Groyyo. greytHR dramatically streamlined this function with its template-based letter generation feature for appraisals, exits, and more. Once the template is uploaded, the software populates the required data automatically, significantly reducing the time and effort needed for editing. This feature saves Groyyo around six hours a month.

Reporting made easy: generate standard and on-demand reports in seconds

One of the standout features of greytHR is its robust reporting capabilities. Groyyo leveraged this to generate comprehensive reports in a matter of seconds. Whether it's routine reporting for management and compliance or advanced analytics, greytHR delivers reports quickly and accurately. This makes greytHR an efficient choice, particularly for businesses that rely on real-time data for decision-making.

High-speed data processing: for payroll, income tax statements and more

greytHR processes data quickly, even for a whole year, making it more than just convenient to use. This is a game-changer that sets greytHR apart as a leading solution in HRMS software. From payroll to income tax statements, greytHR can process and present information in minutes.

A standout help desk: support is always at hand

Navigating payroll can sometimes pose challenges, but with greytHR's trained Help Desk, support is always at hand. Groyyo gets prompt responses, typically within an hour. In more complex cases, the wait time doesn't exceed 3 to 5 hours, ensuring that one is never blocked for more than half a day.
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"greytHR’s processing speed is phenomenal! The system processes data in minutes, even if it's from a year's worth of data. This makes tasks like payroll processing, generating income tax statements and payslips incredibly efficient"

R. Harshavardhan ReddySenior Payroll Associate, Groyyo

Leveraging greytHR’s comprehensive payroll capabilities, Groyyo has streamlined payroll management, 
enabling the organization to focus on its ambitious vision of empowering over 20 million MSMEs across Asia.

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