Greenticker, a leading payroll service provider, increases efficiency by 66% using greytHR

66% Increase
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About Greenticker

Financial & Payroll Service Provider
Pune, India
Greenticker Financial Services LLP is a renowned financial and payroll service provider based in Pune. With a team of Chartered Accountants, MBAs, and post-graduates from reputed universities, and a blend of industry knowledge and experience in the domain, Greenticker is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.
Greenticker faced challenges with payroll management, one of its flagship offerings, despite having a tool in place to manage it.

Payroll management: Challenges faced

Manual salary structuring

Setting up salary structures for clients was done manually, resulting in an undue investment of time and effort.

The greytHR difference:
Reliable payroll automation

Automated salary structuring

The formula-based automation offered by greytHR to streamline and simplify the setup of custom salary structures eliminated unnecessary complexities and reduced manual effort significantly.

Automated tax computation

greytHR offered a dependable solution for the automation of the tax computation process that resulted in calculations with a 100% accuracy rate.

Tax Planner

greytHR’s tax planning tool provided employees with precise tax projections, enabling informed decisions and reducing the frequency of queries to the Greenticker team.


A highly efficient query resolution process increased employee efficiency and improved employee satisfaction significantly.

Integration with the biometric system

greytHR’s capability to integrate seamlessly with the biometric attendance system reduced errors in attendance tracking and ensured accurate payroll computations.
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"Ever since we started using greytHR's payroll system, our end-of-month has become so much smoother. I love how reliable it is, and we don't struggle with month-end query surges anymore. It's been a game-changer for us!"

Omkar DeshpandeCo-founder and Managing Partner, Greenticker Financial Services LLP

Greenticker rated greytHR a flawless 10/10 for both their onboarding and product experience with greytHR. With greytHR’s automated payroll management solution in place, Greenticker now stands poised for further business growth and success.

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