What entrepreneurs can do to make your workplace more exciting!

By greytHR
1 minute read ● April 08, 2015
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What entrepreneurs can do to make your workplace more exciting!

Startups! The word infuses so much energy. Yet somehow some start-ups look dull and unexciting with zero employee motivation. It doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s what you can do at your workplace:

  • Rub off your mojo!: Startups with pro-active and vibrant founders/CEOs are usually found to be livelier than others. The team loves to work with such a leader and they feel “alive” most of the times. You are the life-blood of the start-up, show the team they are in for some fun.
  • Start a peek-a-boo culture: Involve people. Let them sneak peak into what you are doing. Infuse enthusiasm, and instill of spirit of pride in their work. Help them see that they are a vital part of the organizationand their contribution and opinion both matter to the company. Allow them to personalize their cubicles, stick family pictures and compliment them.
  • Work your play: Yeap!! Jack needs some play too. Engage employees in fun activities at your workplace. DJ nights, karaoke time, dartboards or carom in the pantry area, television in the recreation room showing travel or sports channels, a rich library – you get the picture.
  • Personal goals: Try to instill a spirit of personal goals among employees. When a team leader gives out a weekly target, he must ask each member to get a personal goal from the company goal. We all are committed to personal goals more, aren’t we?
  • Channelize instead of change: Be the brand that your team looks up to. However cliché this may sound but if you want them to change – you really ought to be that change. You ought to out there and do it. Remember our actions speak louder than words.
  • Chuck off the board room drama: Break rules, do something new. You are a start-up not an MNC yet. So chuck off the board drama and get one-on-one with people. Have a coffee with a member who needs motivation. Share a bite of pizza with your colleague and hear out his day’s highlight. Open up about your expectations from him and let him see his contribution.

One of the best things to be a part of start-ups is everyone gets a chance to initiate and start trends. Infuse exciting ideas among the team, encourage suggestions, get feedbacks, be an example and an interesting one.

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