How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Smart Hiring

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2 minute read ● May 03, 2024
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How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)  for Smart Hiring

As the talent acquisition landscape continues to become more challenging, organizations are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to streamline their hiring and onboarding processes. Many are using AI across the recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding and beyond.

During a greytHR Meets webinar with a seasoned HR leader, we explored some innovative solutions and practices impacting the recruitment function. In this blog post, we touch upon the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the recruitment life cycle.

Here are some ways organizations can use AI for smart hiring:

Automated Sourcing: Spots the Right Candidates Fast

Recruiters face the challenge of identifying and attracting the most suitable candidates. Tools use artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning algorithms to analyze cover letters, resumes, social media profiles, and other data sources to identify potential candidates efficiently. This helps hiring teams save a significant amount of time and effort.

Application Screening: AI Makes It Swift and Smart

Once the sourcing is done, screening tools use pre-defined criteria to analyze applications and resumes. After this, the tool shortlists candidates and schedules interviews. The entire process reduces the manual effort required to shift through numerous applications. AI virtual assistants do a great job here, easing the burden of hiring teams.

Eliminating Bias: Smarter Hiring Starts and Ends Here

Bias during hiring can result in a lack of diversity in the workforce. Therefore, implementing AI tools that anonymize candidates’ information and standardize evaluations help reduce bias. Chatbots can assess candidates based on their qualifications and skills, eliminating factors such as age, gender, or ethnicity. However, it is essential to test these tools on diverse data and monitor the results continuously before taking a call.

Personalized Engagement: Delights Potential Candidates

Busy recruiters don't have the time to engage individually with every candidate. Chatbots and virtual assistants have improved the candidate engagement process by providing real-time answers and updates to potential candidates. However, these virtual assistants need rich data and analytics support to create personalized experiences for candidates. Additionally, they can help send automated follow-up emails, recommend relevant job openings, and suggest career paths within the organization.

Assessment & Evaluation: Made More Intelligent by AI

Hiring decisions are based on a candidate’s qualifications, skills, and knowledge, among other criteria. If the process is manual, it becomes difficult to maximize efficiency and reduce the time to hire candidates. Equipped with the ability to conduct psychometric assessments, coding tests, and skill evaluations, virtual assistants assist HR teams in assessing candidates’ capabilities objectively. This change has helped enhance the accuracy and speed of hiring decisions.

“AI-powered tools offer a more comprehensive and efficient way to assess candidates by incorporating gamification, behavioral assessments, and skills testing.”

Do you want to hear it directly from the expert?

Webinar speaker: Rania Abi Raad, Chief Human Resources Officer, Evercare Group

Session synopsis:

  • Current trends in the job market and the impact on hiring
  • How to optimize job posts using AI to attract and hire top talent more effectively
  • Role of AI-powered tools and virtual assistants in enhancing the interview process
  • How to leverage AI to create personalized onboarding experiences based on data analytics and employee preferences

Watch the Webinar Recording

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