How to drive an Effective Employee Onboarding Process

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2 minute read ● March 21, 2014
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How to drive an Effective Employee Onboarding Process

Whether you plan to hire some new employees or need some to replace those who have left, you need to accelerate the time to competency for these new joiners. After all, you can't let your productivity suffer as your new employees get up to speed. Therefore, you need to have an effective onboarding program in place to:

  • Realize cost savings
  • Accelerate the time to new-hire productivity
  • Ensure better employee assimilation and boost retention rates
  • Improve the consistency of the staffing process, and
  • Boost efficiency

Here are some tips that will help you onboard your new employees efficiently

Make them feel their importance in the organization

It is crucial to make all your new employees realize that they are as important as the existing ones. It would help if you introduced them all to your current employees using a friendly approach. Ensure they feel secure and comfortable in the new environment and are aware of what is expected of them. Explain each employee's role adequately so that he/she knows how his/her work would contribute to the organizations success.

Offer an orientation package

At the time, it becomes difficult for the employees to remember all the details if you tell them a lot on the first day. Hence, it would be wiser to provide printed documents for all the essential information. Try to keep an employee handbook with information on the company, background, practices, directory, and an organizational chart ready so that you can offer those to them.
The first day must be a smooth one – How well it goes on the first day is crucial in making the new employees feel at home. Hence, make sure that the employees don't feel stressed on the very first day. Talk to them about what they expect from the company, ask something about their family life, and give breaks in between the induction session so that they can re-energize and refuel themselves.

Ensure there is an 'office buddy'

Ensure someone from the existing team will act as primary contact for the new employees. Often called the 'office buddy,' this person will be responsible for checking up with the group of new employees for the first few weeks and ensuring that they do not face any problem with their assigned job roles or the work environment. You shouldn't forget to follow up and schedule one-on-one meetings to check out if everything is going on as planned.

Offer training

You should have training programs for your new employees to prepare for the company's unique systems and workflow. It would also help the new hires to get acclimatised to the company culture. Your training sessions should also focus on national and state compliance issues during onboarding to decrease regulatory risks.

Despite significant costs associated with an employee onboarding program, it's a worthwhile investment. It would give your new employees the support they need to do their jobs well and decrease turnover costs.

Excellent HR software like greytHR supports many organizations in the above functions with their latest web-based cloud HR software for an anytime, anywhere employee experience.

Overall your HR is processed quickly, effectively, and on time!

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