How an automated checklist can ensure a smooth employee onboarding process

By Vishnupriya
2 minute read ● October 29, 2018
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How an automated checklist can ensure a smooth employee onboarding process

Introduction: The Onboarding Diary

Meet John, a 33-year-old Human Resource professional with ten years of work experience. He is currently working as an HR manager at a Software company with 150 employees. John usually begins his day at the office around 9 am with a hot cup of coffee on the one hand and checking emails on the other.

This work is always first because as an HR manager, he is responsible for many time sensitive and critical matters in the company. For instance, there could be an employee grievance issue to handle, and John should not be delaying it. That said, he starts his day prioritizing prime matters.

With this on one side, he also monitors the employee onboarding process and assigns tasks for the other team members to perform on time.

The Problem: Manual onboarding can be complicated and messy

Onboarding is so complicated in HRMS that many moving pieces must align for a new employee to get successfully transitioned into an organization. There are multiple tasks which need to be completed, and if handled poorly it can impact the retention. John finds it very difficult to manage and keep track as it requires the coordination of multiple departments that he must depend on to be timely and efficient. The lack of a streamlined process takes a toll on him as this gives way to human error and in turn stressed employees.


All he wants is an automated way to monitor and manage the onboarding process from start to finish, delegate tasks to the team and let them know about what they need do so that they can get started quickly without any hassle.

The Fix: A success template for an automated onboarding process

greytHR, India’s leading HR and Payroll Software can help John streamline the recurring onboarding process with greytHR Tasks and Checklists. Now, John does not have to sweat when many employees are joining in one day.


greytHR has already a pre-built onboarding checklist highlighting all the tasks involved with a task timeline, the tasks owner, and the priority. John can leave all his manual and paper-based onboarding tasks to the greytHR application. The intuitive Tasks and Checklist module will guide him and his team through the recurring tasks that must be performed for a seamless onboarding.

Whenever a new employee joins, the entire set of tasks gets assigned automatically to respective team members with a set timeline and John can keep a tab on the tasks, track their progress and also know the status of them as well.

This saves much time for him and his team as they are aware of new hire activities that they need to do. Furthermore, John can identify the tasks that are still pending/overdue, follow-up with the other stakeholders and streamline the entire onboarding process.

Infographic Flow Chart 02 V4-01

John can now create a standard process for onboarding to prioritize and assign work - all in one place. This ensures that no steps get missed out, and he can focus more on his crucial work while simultaneously keep an eye on his team.

Overcome your onboarding difficulties through an automated checklist

Now that John is better equipped to visualize and understand the problems of the manual onboarding process and its impact, it’s best for him to move to the in-built checklist approach process where there is complete automation in onboarding, and the entire process becomes SLA-driven and time-bound.

We, greytHR, one of the preferred HR and Payroll software in India genuinely believe it’s a game changer whether you need to hire one or more full time or part-time employees.

And so are our happy customers.
"We find Tasks and Checklist very helpful in working meticulously and by using, the chances of missing out or overlooking any step is almost nil." - Kalyani, Manager-HR and Admin, Epitome Infotech

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