greytHR’s Help Desk, Now Available on Mobile

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greytHR’s Help Desk, Now Available on Mobile

Before we dig deeper into the benefits of having your Help Desk handy right on your mobile, let’s look at the value-adds that the Help Desk module itself has in store for you.

Why use greytHR’s Help Desk module

The Help Desk software can help employers in a number of ways. greytHR’s Help Desk module allows for faster resolution of issues and helps your HR and Payroll departments function more efficiently. How?

Put simply, the Help Desk automates issue resolution workflows, centralizes information and keeps everyone in the loop with email alerts. Instead of your employees having to track down HR and Payroll personnel to resolve issues, they can simply submit a ticket on the greytHR Help Desk module. The Help Desk module will then receive, log and assign issues to the appropriate personnel automatically, making the process more convenient for all stakeholders.

Adopt more efficient practices using greytHR

Our Help Desk organizes information, streamlines workflows and eliminates several manual processes. Not only does the Help Desk streamline communication, it also maintains records of all submitted queries/ issues, thus greatly simplifying the process of tracking updates and reports on the status of these queries/ issues.

Packed with useful features, such as auto-timed escalations and a query withdrawal option, our Help Desk allows your employees to do away with the need to reach out to the HR and Payroll team through scattered e-mails, phone calls, paper chits and what-not to resolve their queries. The tool allows you to:

  • Centralize all incoming query-related information
  • Streamline queries and resolve them in the form of tickets
  • Reduce your efforts towards managing queries, thus allowing your employees to enjoy faster response times
  • Do away with duplicate requests

What’s more, with greytHR’s Help Desk module, the HR team doesn’t have to dig through disorganized emails to track the origin and status of an issue. With all tracking done online and in a centralized location, missed e-mails and escalations are a thing of the past.

Given this array of benefits, it’s no surprise that using the Help Desk software is considered a best practice, which can benefit almost any organization.

Advantages of the mobile-based Help Desk

Now, imagine the benefits of accessing the Help Desk on your mobile from the comfort of your home or even while traveling! You can track and manage all categories of employee queries anytime, anywhere.

The key benefits of the mobile-based Help Desk are:

  • Log and review queries on-the-go

    Your employees can reach out to the HR and Payroll team from any location or even while they’re on the move. This results in increased convenience and accessibility.

  • Encourage immediate action

    Capture a higher percentage of problems encountered by remote employees or employees on-the-move with the handy mobile-based Help Desk module.

  • Has a familiar interface

    With the rise of chat applications such as WhatsApp, the average employee’s familiarity with this mode of communication has risen greatly. Leverage this trend to add value to your employees through the chat-like interface offered by our Help Desk module.

  • Attach files easily

    With the mobile-based application, attaching files such as documents and images is now easier than ever before. Leave behind the hassle of transferring these files to your desktop for good.

A happier employee makes for a far more productive one - an outcome that is guaranteed with greytHR’s mobile-based Help Desk module. What’s more, your company’s all-important employer brand image and reputation in the market too stand to gain from the use of the convenient and hassle-free greytHR mobile Help Desk.

Stay tuned for more information on how the Help Desk module can be used not only by the HR and Payroll departments but by many other units too.

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