greytHR’s Help Desk: One feature, multiple uses

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By Thushara
2 minute read ● December 13, 2016
greytHR’s Help Desk

As you may already be aware, there is a Help Desk module in greytHR. It organizes information, streamlines workflows and eliminates several manual processes. Not only does the Help Desk streamline communication, it also maintains records of all submitted queries/issues, thus greatly simplifying the process of tracking updates and reports on the status of these queries/ issues. Read our previous blog on Help Desk being available on the mobile.

But, the utility of greytHR’s Help Desk module does not stop with resolving just HR and payroll-related queries. For instance, you can even use the module as your IT or Facilities Help Desk. You can also streamline any category of employee queries, ranging from requests for stationery--a daily requirement--to travel-related queries, requests for loans and salary advances.

The module ensures tracking of all queries and feedback received on their closures from a central location. It lets you streamline the queries/ requests and resolve them in the form of tickets.

No, we aren’t saying that your HR team should now handle IT queries. greytHR enables you to setup a different reviewer for each category of ticket. Tickets of a specific category can be forwarded only to the relevant teams.

Here are a few ways you can use the greytHR Help Desk:

  • IT Help Desk:

    IT queries are among the most common in any organization. Employees can raise tickets for queries such as hardware or software requirements, Internet or intranet access, headphones and access to other IT assets/ network. This can reach the IT team, who can then resolve them.

  • Admin Help Desk:

    Facilities management is an important aspect of achieving employee satisfaction. Do your employees think the air-con is turned down too low? Or, that the light is too dim to work comfortably in? Capture all these requests and feedback through our Help Desk module. Through the tool, employees can raise tickets for generic issues, such as cleanliness, cafeteria issues or water dispensers.

  • Recruitment requisites:

    The importance of timely information flow to aid recruitment need not be emphasized. Using our tool, managers can easily raise requests for open positions within the department to the recruitment team.

  • Accounts Help Desk: TDS

    Accounts management can be a thorn in the side for many an employee. They can raise their concerns related to TDS, loans or even their final settlement amount through our comprehensive Help Desk tool.

  • HR Help Desk:

    With HR being in charge of several all-important functions, such as payroll management and many others, our HR Help Desk is as relevant for existing employees as it is for new joinees. Access our module for payslips, letters, requirements for visiting cards, etc.

    Start using greytHR’s Help Desk today to enjoy its multiple utilities - through your desktop or mobile!

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