Features and Benefits of an Automated Attendance Management System

By Vinod Gulvady
4 minute read ● July 16, 2020
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Features and Benefits of an Automated Attendance Management System

Know how an Attendance Management System can be beneficial to your company

What is Attendance Management?

Few employment-related Acts, such as the Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act, and Shops & Establishment Act specify the number of hours that an employee is allowed to work per day in a factory or an organization. Employees who are asked to work any additional hours over and above the specified hours are entitled to receive overtime or compensatory day off. Thus, it becomes crucial for HR departments to monitor the total number of hours worked by each employee in the organization. Attendance Management is one of the core HR functions as it helps organizations control and manage employees' work time and create a happy work culture. A good employee attendance record reflects a healthy work environment, whereas poor attendance sets the alarm for management to work upon.

Why is it essential to have Attendance Management?

Attendance Management is an integral part of every company, irrespective of size and industry. The data collected through the attendance Management system helps organizations understand if the business is in the right direction. Employees are the company's primary asset; hence, it is vital to set a process that can accurately track the time that each employee contributes. Attendance Management is a way to comprehend employee motivation levels and provides excellent insights for development and learning. These insights further back companies to work on boosting productivity, leading to higher growth. Monitoring attendance is crucial not only for statutory compliance but also for computing salaries/wages.

Importance of Attendance Management Software

The attendance management system is effective only when it is in real-time. The system has evolved from manual register entry to punching machines and biometrics. Many companies are using an online attendance management system for employees. Today attendance tracking has taken a new leap with geo-fencing and geo-marking mechanisms that allow employees to mark attendance on the go. The attendance data is effortlessly gathered and stored safely in the cloud and directly integrated with the payroll system.

Organizations today realize the importance of automating mundane HR chores with evolved Human Resource Software Solutions. Companies are embracing technology to streamline human resource functions for better efficiency and accuracy. The days of outdated methods like attendance registers or manual punch-in machines have become redundant as smarter Software is available at reasonable prices. They range from an online attendance system where employees log in/out time daily or a bio-metric machine where the employee's thumb impression is registered, or a card reader (most popular) where employees swipe their id cards to mark attendance.

What are the must-have features of the Attendance Management System?

  • Accurately track clock-in and out.
  • Flexible employee scheduling
  • Absence Management
  • Payroll Integration
  • Compliance and regulatory norms
  • Mobile and cloud support
  • Employee Self-service
  • Comprehensive Policy configuration
  • Elimination of missed punches
  • Reports and insights.

Let us look at some advantages of such attendance systems.

Mobile Accessibility

This data is extensively used by HR and respective Managers of employees for monitoring the availability of resources on any given day or week. Data can be reviewed on a real-time basis from anywhere, anytime, and from any system since most modern software attendance management is cloud-based and does not require it to be installed in every employee's system. Remote working and flexible work schedules is another distinct advantage of these online time management systems. Employees who travel to client locations or work away from the office premise can easily mark their attendance using their mobile devices.

Accuracy and reliability

On the other hand, the Payroll department uses the system to process monthly salaries or wages and overtime of employees. They can generate employee-wise attendance details and overtime reports to calculate the wages paid for the month accurately.


Employees can regularise their attendance at the end of the month if they have missed marking their presence for a day for specific reasons. Approvals for regularisation or reversal of loss of pay or overtime can be obtained online via a smart workflow routed to the respective Manager. Managers can also be allowed to mark attendance on behalf of their team members in an emergency.

Seamless integration

Along with the seamless integration to payroll, Attendance Management Systems are linked to Leave Management systems, where employees can apply for leaves with pre/post approvals from their Managers.

Data security and safety

With an efficient Attendance Management Software in place, organizations can safely store their data in the cloud without manual intervention. The system can be easily integrated with the attendance tracking devices like biometric machines to fetch and use data while processing payroll. Additionally, these systems help organizations be safe from unauthorized entry by anyone into the office premises or even employees from entering certain sensitive areas.

Statutory compliance

Good attendance management software is statutory compliant and prevents companies from unwarranted surprises. Attendance reports can be generated for any period at any point in time for any audit or inspection by government authorities or internal/external auditors.

Cost-effective and error-free

Attendance Management software is not necessarily expensive; most of them are available in “Pay as you grow” pricing model. Automated Attendance Management proves to be a cost-effective option for companies as it spares them from investing a dedicated resource for this crucial task. The data captured through the system is also accurate as compared to the manual process.

Analytics on attendance

With Attendance software, organizations can get real-time reports and insights to make better management decisions. Management can quickly get an overview of employee attendance in just a few clicks. Managers can monitor "who is in" and "who is out" at what time to keep an eye on punctuality and regularity. This data can be incorporated into the evaluation report of each employee to track productivity and make decisions based on facts. The Software also allows the creation of customized attendance dashboards for the management to refer to.

A comprehensive attendance management software helps organizations make strategic decisions while creating HR policies. <RegLink link='/attendance-management-software/' text='greytHR's Attendance Management' /> handles all aspects with simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency.

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