Digitisation. The Path to HR Transformation

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2 minute read ● August 11, 2022
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Can you turn an HR department into a centre of value creation? Some organisations have already done it. Some are on the path to HR transformation. But both would have to count on digitisation, the much-needed fuel to power their journey.

During our greytHR Meets, a webinar series for practitioners and subject matter experts,

Rohit Manucha, Chief Human Resources Officer, SIH-AGH and Abdul Lateef Mohammed, Sales Manager, Elitbuzz Technologies DMCC, discussed the challenges and impact of digitisation in the HR function. Here are the edited excerpts from the enlightening conversation.

1. Does (HR) digital transformation impact organisational culture?

Digital transformation is a continuous process that impacts a larger number of people collectively and quickly. Hence, the need for people to adapt to change becomes all the more imperative. This calls for a cultural shift. In other words, a change of mindset. Even if there is an initial resistance due to the existing culture, matured communication can break the barrier.

2. What role does digitisation play in an employee’s lifecycle?

Automatic selection of candidates via comparative metrics, specific solutions for L&D (sales kit-based training, training gap analysis, learning journeys, etc.), exclusive payroll systems, HR analytics for gauging employee sentiment and virtual exit management are some of the examples of how digitisation can be adopted across an employee’s lifecycle.

3. What are the factors to be considered for implementing digitisation?

The objective of digitisation, level of customisation, data readiness and vendor competencies are some of the primary factors to be considered.

4. Is a shift from on-premise to cloud an option or a necessity?

The cloud-based model offers benefits like ease of access, scalability and economy. But the organisation should have a robust security infrastructure for it. Although the on-premise model demands more physical space and higher electricity consumption, organisations used to find it safer. Technology has now come of age! If you have the right HRMS vendor, making a choice should be a breeze!

5. What are the challenges of moving from Excel to digitisation?

Excel is an unbelievably helpful tool. Digitisation should aim to achieve the same level of user experience and simplicity. Also, data migration from Excel to the new platform and adaptability/readiness of users are some challenges to be addressed when migrating.

6. How can digitisation help unlock workforce potential?

The term ‘workforce’ is sometimes misconstrued as white-collar workers, not blue-collar workers. If a digitisation drive can empower and support everyone in the organisation, productivity will automatically rise.

Watch the recording of the entire webinar

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