6 Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right SaaS HR System

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By Vinod Gulvady
1 minute read ● July 09, 2020
Right SaaS HR System

Years ago, HR-related work was an entirely manual effort both for employers and employees. It was painful to even think about the amount of work that had to be performed regularly. Gradually, many organizations started automating the entire process.

The point here is that systems and structures have been built in such a way that they support not only external but internal stakeholders as well. In the HR or payroll scenario, employees are our internal clients while the government or banks are external clients.

So, how do we address the need of engaging employees on internal procedures which require their minimal manual effort?

The answer to that is what is called the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. Many popular payroll software or SaaS HR Systems have ESS portals. Before talking to an HRMS software company, check out all the features of their ESS portal.

We give you more insights on the major considerations, below.

6 Factors to Consider while finding a SaaS HR System

1. HR Inputs

Payroll department can receive salary inputs from HR through these portals safely and securely within the payroll system as compared to emails or printouts, which are prone to be missed or misplaced.  

2. Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance data will be input by employees through the ESS portal of the payroll software rather than signing on a manual attendance register. That data will be used by the respective Managers for reviewing the team’s availability on a regular basis. At the end of the month, the Payroll department will use this data from the same system for salary payment purpose.  

3. Leave Management

Employees can review their leave balances online and apply them appropriately though the payroll software. Workflow within the system will route the application to their respective Manager for action. Leaves will automatically get adjusted based on usage and approvals. At the end of a year, Payroll will be able to upload new leave quotas of all employees as per their eligibility for the next year. Leave encashment data can be obtained for final settlements too. 

4. Claim Submission Online

Employees will be able to submit their reimbursement claims online using pre-formatted forms. The forms can be routed to Finance & Accounts dept or to Payroll, as the case may be. Approvals from the Managers can be obtained online through the same system.  

5. Online Payslips and Reports

Payslips of any period can be viewed by employees using individual login in the portal in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, other employee-related reports can also be viewed, stored, saved, printed or forwarded to anyone at any point in time.  

6. Query Management

Lastly, employees can log in to the portal to look for any HR/Payroll related FAQs or also in some cases, chat with payroll personnel in order to clarify any doubts on HR/Payroll matters.[](https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/cz/Documents/human-capital/cz-hc-trends-reinvent-with-human-focus.pdf)

The Bottom Line:

Looking for a robust HR system with top-notch ESS Portal services? SaaS HR Systems, like greytHR, have been in existence for many years. Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, you can expect the very solution that you are looking for. Check out greytHR, the smart and easy-to-use software that automates HR processes and enables employee self-service.

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