Achieving Employee Engagement on a Budget ‒ Yes, It's Possible!

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3 minute read ● June 12, 2023
Employee Engagement on Budget

Retaining employees in a company does not just depend on paychecks. It also depends on their engagement with their job, workplace, colleagues and company. It is only through effective employee engagement that one can ensure an employee's job satisfaction.

Effective employee engagement creates a healthy work culture and environment and boosts productivity among employees. In essence, employee engagement leads employees to create healthy relationships with colleagues and clients alike, boosting sales.

Here's how you can achieve employee engagement without spending a fortune:

1. Inspire Individual Leadership

Let the employees have control over the project they are assigned. This would help them make better decisions and be accountable for the same. Use powerful digital and online tools to bring transparency into the processes of project allocation, monitoring, and management to ensure employees are always aware of the prevailing circumstances. As a result, they will be motivated and driven to visualise the bigger picture before making decisions. Giving employees autonomy over their scope of work leads them to set their own goals and find innovative ways to achieve them.

Besides, making big decisions incites leadership capabilities among employees and leads them to be constantly engaged in bettering their ways and improving their approach. Managers can help employees develop the skills required to achieve personal and professional goals with no budgetary support at all.

2. Big or Small, Celebrate the Wins!

Fast-paced enterprises often find it challenging to allocate the time and resources needed to recognise the wins of every employee. However, don't let that be the case! Employees strive to work harder when you acknowledge their contributions, despite being in a fast-paced work environment.

A small "Thank You" or "Congratulations" card, praise in the next team meeting, or even a day off will work. This gives employees the feeling of achieving something, increasing their enthusiasm to excel. However, not having their contributions and achievements recognised might demotivate them from attaining their goals and garnering appreciation.

3. Initiate Active and Transparent Communication

Transparency is critical when you're trying to realise effective employee engagement. A clear idea of what is expected of employees, how their performance is progressing and what their shortcomings are can be of great help. Moreover, using an employee self-service portal to empower your employees with information at their fingertips can work wonders, and it even involves no budgetary expenditure. Removing the burden of constant follow-ups helps HR have more meaningful conversations with employees and connect on an empathetic level.

That being said, HR professionals are not the only ones who should facilitate open and clear conversations. Managers and employees should also be engaged in the same. An employee's feedback about his or her experience can help improve the work culture to a great extent.

4. Hold Informal Monthly Meets

Low-budget or zero-budget get-togethers can help enhance employee relations that could eventually boost teamwork. Meeting on a regular basis to catch up with each other can be a great way of forging strong internal ties.

There are multiple ways of implementing this conducting weekly group coffee sessions, having lunch together or setting up meet-ups where people dress up according to the festive season. Creating a safe space is extremely crucial so that employees feel confident in their skin when they are working. In essence, this isn't about the lunch but the folks you're having lunch with and how that sense of community inspires and engages everyone.

5. Prioritise Employee Training and Coaching

Training and active coaching by seniors encourage junior employees to keep working for their companies. The ready availability of upskilling apps and digital platforms for training has made this easier.

Upskilling, however, doesn't have to be expensive. Instead of going to training and development programmes from external sources, you can pair junior employees with seasoned ones or get them to work with cutting-edge technologies. While it does involve some indirect means of monetary expenditure, this can help seamlessly amalgamate training and development sessions within operational workflows.

The junior employee will be able to get guidance and coaching from their seniors, and the company won't require an exorbitant budget to improve employee performance.

6. Use Robust HR Business Tools

With a platform like greytHR employees can access their personal data, organise their work, and simplify communication, saving a lot of time and effort. The self-service portal is simple, intuitive and (dare we say it!) engaging. Promoting employees' visibility into everything related to their employment keeps them updated. This also helps them focus on more meaningful tasks to drive business growth. Explore our pricing here

Let greytHR help you make effective use of the best HR business practices to ensure maximised productivity in the workplace.

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