12 Ways Cloud HR Software has changed the way Human Resources works now

By Vinod Gulvady
4 minute read ● July 13, 2020
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12 Ways Cloud HR Software has changed the way Human Resources works now

Know how Cloud HR Software Solutions have changed the Human Resource Landscape

Human Resource is a function that connects directly with employee aspirations and needs. Keeping employees happy will ensure loyalty and maximize productivity in return. It needs to have closer employee interaction, bonding, and camaraderie. Unfortunately, administrative and documentation tasks consume most of the time of HR personnel, leaving them with very little or no time for employee engagement.

However, Human resources have changed significantly in recent times. It is no longer identified as a back-end office buried with piles of files and documents. Today's HR departments play a strategic role in achieving business objectives and have embraced advanced technology to complement this transformation. Cloud Based Human Resource Software helps HR professionals effortlessly manage important and strenuous HR tasks like Payroll, leave and attendance, Onboarding, and much more.

Here are a few solutions that Cloud-based HR Software offer to streamline the entire process with ease.

Recruitment app & Interview scheduler

It begins with a smart recruitment portal where candidates can submit their resumes effortlessly to apply for various available positions. An HR cloud Software will scan these resumes for keywords relevant to job requirements and alert the recruiter for a possible fitment. This avoids the manual scanning of hundreds of resumes for the right candidates. Interviews can be scheduled automatically with candidates, depending on the availability of both parties or the hiring Manager.

Documentation scanner & Appointment letter

In Cloud HR Software, the selected candidate can be asked to submit any other documents for validation purposes. These documents can be routed to external service providers for background verification. Based on the feedback, the appointment letter can be issued to the candidate online via encrypted mail for data security purposes. The candidate can digitally sign the acceptance letter while the documents can be stored for future reference.

Onboarding & Payroll inputs

The latest HR Software Solutions over complete automated onboarding module that requires minimal or zero physical interaction. Once the Onboarding of the employee happens, the joining data and banking details of the new joiner will be automatically transferred to the Payroll department for further processing, including the compensation details.

Attendance data & Leave quota generation

Tracking leave and attendance is no more strenuous and time-consuming Human Resource work. The payroll department will create an employee account with their attendance and leave information for the employee while the System will compute leave quota based on the date of joining.

Mandatory or Functional training scheduler

With best HR Software, companies can efficiently conduct regular compulsory training for their employees and schedule a training calendar for each employee to track it for compliance. Also, functional managers can schedule training for their team members. Now, with HR software systems, employee performance can be tracked in real-time

Performance evaluation, Salary changes, Promotion management

Employee performance assessment is one of the vital functions of Human Resources. In the past, this process involved a considerable amount of paperwork and data collection that consumed a lot of productive hours. Now, with Cloud HR software, employee performance can be tracked in real-time

An employee's life cycle can be entirely managed within the Cloud-based Human Resource Software. Historical data can be reviewed by HR or any respective Managers to know the employee's skill and expertise. Performance goals and achievements can be tracked for recommending salary changes or promotions in many deserving cases. The updated data is then automatically sent to Payroll for further processing.

Employee Engagement, Incentives, Rewards & Recognition

Cloud-based HR systems engage employees with advanced mobile technology to communicate and collaborate on the go. HR can broadcast important information and company update to employees in bulk in just a few clicks. Additionally, employees can access all their salary and benefits information anytime from anywhere.

The software provides employees with a secure platform to collaborate and communicate across departments quickly and effortlessly. The System can be configured to automatically compute mandatory bonuses or sales/production incentives on a pre-determined formula or specified period. Rewards or recognition can be stored in the employee profile for any references or payment through Payroll.

Payroll management

One of the most critical functions of HR is the processing of Payroll. Collecting & collating pay inputs, computation of pay, statutory compliances, payslips, bank file transfer, accounting, reports or MIS, etc., can easily be managed through HR Software Solutions.

Benefits tracker, Life/Medical insurance tracker

Employee benefits such as gratuity, ESOPS, provident fund, etc., can be effortlessly managed through Automated Software Solutions. Other benefits, such as life/ medical insurance enrolments, nominations, claims, etc., can also be included.

Statutory compliance

All salary-related compliances can easily be handled by linking the payroll system to external systems, such as government websites and banks for online transactions. Relevant reports can also be generated at a summary level and in minute detail.

Employee Queries, Policy, HR rules, and procedure library

Employees can view different HR/Payroll policies or procedures at any point in time as a single source window. New technologies such as AI have helped HR introduce chat-bots where the System automatically responds to standard employee queries regarding their pay or HR-related laws by voice or text. The System is an enormous library of data and files of each employee or transaction, which helps easily retrieve any data for reference or audit.

Quick and easy software implementation

Sometimes the latest technology can also be overwhelming for HR professionals to adopt and implement. However, best HR management Software is easy to deploy as they come in a DIY format. Most of them do not require hand-holding and are more comfortable and straightforward than traditional HR Software Solutions.

To stay ahead of the curve, it is essential to upgrade and switch to an automated HRMS solution technologically. A SaaS HR Software Solution consolidates all the critical human resource functionality in a single cloud-based platform. This makes HR work easier compared to traditional on-premise software solutions.

Know how greytHR offers you an end-to-end HR and Payroll solution.

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