Low investment, instant returns!

  • Core HR & Payroll
  • Leave Management
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Employee Self Service
  • Workflows
  • Employee Letters
  • Document Management
Base price USD 30/ Month
All WELTER features
  • Attendance
  • REST API Access
Base price USD 30/ Month
All SUPER features
  • Expense Claims
  • Multi-company Support
Base price USD 30/ Month
(decide your plan later)

3500+ businesses use greytHR for their HR operations.
Experience it for yourself!!

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I have long experience with Greytip Systems, from the on premise version to online. It's a great software which covers HR and Payroll.
We have tested various solutions, but greytHR was the easiest to implement, the most accurate & compatible with the Local Labor Law, and most aordable product we have evaluated.


1. How safe is my data?

We have implemented strong security policies to protect your data. Physical access to the servers is secured through multiple levels of access control. Our multi-tenancy architecture ensures complete isolation of customer data from other customers to avoid data leakage. Strong user access and password policies are enforced to ensure that your data is safe. All communications between your browser and the server are encrypted with high grade 256-key SSL encryption.

2. What happens when my free trial ends?

When you sign up for free trial, you get exclusive access to a greytHR account with full features. No billing for the first 30 days. You will receive email before your trial expires. To continue greytHR service, you have to select a plan, share some basic data, and agree to pay the subscription charges.

3. Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes. greytHR is a pay per use service and you have the flexibility to change your plan when you wish to do so.

4. Do you require any long term commitments?

No. One of the biggest benefits of cloud software is that you can discontinue using the product whenever you want.There are no long term commitments or the need for large, upfront capital investment.

5. Can I avail a annual subscription plan?

Yes you can avail the option of annual subscription plan. Your subscription will be based on the existing plan and number of users for a period of 12 months. If there is change in the plan or the number of users, the changes will be reflected in the billing.

6. Is there any cancellation fee or a lock in period?

There is no cancellation fee or lock period on any of our plans. However if you have availed an annual subscription plan the remaining credit will not be refunded if you discontinue greytHR service during the validity of the plan.

7. What types of payment do you accept?

greytHR offers flexibility in payment options as online Bank Transfer Cheque Deposit within greytHR using My Account. For any form of offline payments please contact us at gopayments@greytip.com

8. Who owns my data?

It is your data and it is all yours. You can access your data anytime at just a click of the button. You can also export all the information at anytime irrespective of your plan

9. Will I get good value for money?

greytHR's highly competitive payroll software price in the UAE ensures you get the best possible deal - affordability as well as a robust product.