When efficiency & efficacy matter

Attendance processing is effective only when it's real-time. Employees & managers need to fix issues ASAP and not at the end of the month.

The greytHR attendance management system handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency. You experience bliss when attendance, leave (vacation), and payroll is seamlessly integrated.

Attendance capture from varied sources

Record real-time attendance

Our attendance management software captures attendance data, not daily or weekly but in real time, from varied sources. This data is seamlessly integrated with the payroll module.

Capture attendance from the ESS portal

Your employees can mark attendance on the employee portal itself without any hardware-based, time-tracking devices. To enforce the policy and prevent misuse, you can allow attendance to be marked only from a specific login IP address for each employee (for example, from within your office only).

Capture attendance from third-party hardware

If you already have an attendance hardware system, we’ll integrate it with greytHR and pull all the swipes from the application supplied with your hardware.

Geo Mark Attendance Marking feature

Capture attendance from mobile app

With our latest Geo Mark feature, your employees can record attendance within the predefined coordinates set for your office or on-site client locations using greytHR mobile app

Eliminate need for attendance devices

You don’t need to rely on setting up swipe machines or biometric attendance systems and then paying for their AMCs, including internal wiring costs. No need to worry about device breakdown or downtime.

Extensive shift management

Create shifts and associated policies

You can create multiple shifts, rotation policies, attendance exception policies and weekend policies to create an attendance scheme, which is assigned to employees.

Assign shifts to employees

Managers can assign or change shifts for his/ her team members via the ESS portal.

Attendance Processing

View real-time attendance info

greytHR’s attendance management system processes attendance on a daily basis based on real-time attendance data. This gives you real-time and daily views of what’s happening at an organization level and who’s in office and at what time.

Configure attendance the way you want it

You can configure:

  • Automatic daily attendance processing
  • Continuous absence alerts
  • Event notifications
  • Attendance regularization workflow
  • Month-end HR review and finalization facility
  • Manual override facility

Real-time reports

You can configure:

  • Attendance muster generation
  • Attendance consolidated reports

Employee portal: More than an attendance register

View complete attendance information

Employees can view their attendance information in a comprehensive and user-friendly calendar view on all devices, including mobiles. Employees can view attendance details specific to prevailing deductions and associated rules.

Regularize attendance

Employees can regularize their attendance easily, which will trigger a notification to his/ her manager. The manager can review the regularization request in real time.

Highly configurable policies

Create employee group wise attendance policy

Create weekends based on regional/ business requirements. Penalize unauthorized absence, late in, early out, shortfall, etc.

Set up actual hour computation logic

You can set up actual hour computation logic based on:

  • First-In Time and Last-Out Time
  • Flexi hours support
  • Shift logic

Create attendance scheme, a one-time activity

Employees are automatically assigned to an attendance scheme based on his/ her category. No need to assign each employee manually to an attendance scheme.

Comprehensive Overtime Management

Configure Flexible Policies

Now configure your overtime policies based on business needs.  Completely control Overtime expenditure and experience flexibility to set payouts based on working-days, shifts, payroll components, and flat-rate amounts.

Apply Overtime in bulk or for individual employees

Assign Overtime effortlessly with our new Overtime Management System. Apply Overtime for individuals or groups, daily or monthly, in just a few clicks.

Generate detailed Overtime Payslips

Generate accurate payslips with Overtime breakup in a few clicks. Increase employee satisfaction and transparency through payslips with detailed Overtime breakup.

Data-driven decisions based on reports and insights

Easily generate detailed reports and insightful decisions with this module to optimize your Overtime costs.


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