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Track attendance in a smart way with GPS based attendance marking

By Vishnupriya
September 20, 2018

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As a fast growing organization, your biggest challenge is to manage employees effectively. This becomes even more challenging with a mobile and distributed workforce. This is made more complicated with a shift based system and a multi-location campus.In such a scenario, manager is expected to ensure that field employees are reporting to office on time and meeting clients on schedule. This has now been made possible by leveraging the GPS feature of an employees smartphone by greytHR. Known as GeoMark+, it allows employees to mark attendance from any location helping the manager track not only their employees attendance but also have a birds-eye view of their employees' movements every day. Let us explore some usage scenarios to understand this better:

A manager with a remote or on field employee

When a manager has remote employees, the traditional web-based, biometric time and attendance system barely help them in marking their attendance at their location on time.


With GeoMark+, an employee can now mark attendance through a GPS enabled smartphone. The greytHR application captures the employee attendance online with the exact date, time and location coordinates. greytHR provides native apps for Android & IoS devices and is one of the safest and secure ways of marking attendance.


A supervisor tracking his/her sales staff on their daily field visits

GeoMark+ works well for sales executives, field engineers, delivery executives where they can clock-in their attendance at their office, then go on a field visit to punch their attendance at a client location through their smartphone. GeoMark+ tracks a business visit of the field workforce by capturing the Geo-information location along with their sign-in /sign-out records.

This attendance information is also automatically integrated with payroll data which makes it easier for the system to directly calculate the salary based on the employees' attendance - working days and hours.

Manager reviews attendance workflows

greytHR has set up the attendance workflows where the manager gets to validate the timesheets of their teams and check their daily attendance. 


Since the entire sign-in / sign-out records are captured systematically, the manager can review the employee's attendance and then approve it. The managers also get to add his comments on any employee’s marked attendance that is invalid. On the other hand, employees also get access to their attendance log with information like date, time, location, and comments on their greytHR mobile app.

Attendance scheme level customizations by Manager

A Manager can now configure GPS based attendance marking for all employees or only a group of employees at attendance scheme level. With this in place, it eliminates falsifying of attendance by a remote employee as greytHR captures the location coordinates.

Geo Swipe reports for due diligence by Manager

With greytHR, daily/monthly reports are available at manager & admin level to help perform due diligence to assess performance and productivity of field workforce. The time and effort saved combined with data accuracy leads to increased productivity and improves profits.

An efficient attendance management system is very crucial for any business. Why wait? Start implementing greytHR attendance management software with its new GeoMark+ feature.


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