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Role of training to ensure performance consistency

By greytHR
October 22, 2013


In the competitive business scenario of the present era, improved and consistent employee performance is what most employers focus upon to stay ahead of the race. The best possible method to ensure this is proper training. Businesses these days are under a lot of pressure, where they strive to become more efficient, go by effective business strategies religiously, and make sure to follow the principle of ‘do more with less’, so that they can deliver the best, with the available resources. And the central key to do all these is to train the employees so that they are well aware of the company’s objectives and work in tune with the rules and practices followed by it to achieve the desired results. Employees who are not familiar with their job responsibilities and don’t have adequate training might cost you significant revenue and customers, and will end up obstructing your business in the long run.

With proper knowledge of the products and/or services that your company offers, your employees will be able to perform their jobs accurately and become a lot more productive. While some organizations prefer their older staffs to arrange the training programs, it may not turn out to be beneficial all the time, since these experienced people might not have enough time for the training or the required knowledge to offer proper instructions to the newbies. Probably, the most preferred option to offer training to the employees at all levels is to empower them with training manuals for the different positions and routine orientation sessions to help them better understand what’s expected of them. Make sure you maintain a database of employee handbooks and training manuals so that you can check them out later, as and when required.

If you are still wondering about the importance of training your employees, here’s how it can help in ensuring performance consistency:

  • The trainers make a significant difference – Training sessions that are held by professional trainers are influenced, to a great extent, by the trainer himself. If the trainer himself is satisfied with the job he does, he will highlight the positive aspects of the job, thus generating interest for the same among the employees. Participants too would be inspired by such trainers and react more favorably to them. Moreover, a trainer can also link the training imparted to real life experiences of the participants, which can turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

  • Arrange the training sessions in chunks, over a scheduled period of time – Trainings that are arranged over a short period are known to be more effective in the long run. Usually, in these sessions, participants attend the training for a couple of hours every week, until the subject is learned completely. This gives the employees scope to practice the concepts in between their training sessions. This way, both the application of the concepts as well as the content of the training gets reinforced at the subsequent sessions.

  • Make it a continuous process – Make sure that training sessions are held consistently and the classes organized after regular intervals of time. The content presented in one class should be related to or a continued part of the previous one. This will help the employees share their skills, approach and knowledge among their peers, which will enable them to perform in a more accurate manner.

  • Training offers skills that can be applied immediately on the job – Make sure you provide a suitable platform for your employees so that they can execute the skills learned during training sessions immediately.

Your employees should work to support your company’s strategic direction and training is one of the best ways to ensure the same.


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