Power Tools for Payroll Outsourcers!

Customers are demanding and want better experience, faster results, and lower costs! The competition is intense and international players are eating into business. Easily address all these challenges with Greytip's powerful technology and deep support.

greytHR automates number crunching, report generation and Client communication. Now do more business with less effort!!

Assured Business Growth!

The rights tools can work magic for your payroll outsourcing business!

Not only will greytHR eliminate most of the head-aches you have come to associate with payroll processing but make it enjoyable!

It's not just theory. We have seen this work for hundreds of our partners and we are sure it will work for you!

Power Features For Processors!

As a service provider, your team of professionals need special features over and above what's required by regular users.

greytHR has all it takes to deliver fast and quality results by your professional team!

  • Power Tools: Our super-fast payroll processing engine, highly configurable payroll structure, time saving Excel Import tools, reporting facilities, comprehensive statutory compliance features — all make work smarter and faster.

  • Employee Self Service: Reduce transaction costs by providing employees online and instant access to their information. Automated alerts and notification system eliminate 90% of phone and mail transaction time.

  • Integrated Help Desk: Get support easily and resolve issues quickly! Help desk is integrated within the application through which you can easily raise queries and get it resolved in no time.

  • Branding: Our Partner Logo Branding feature let's you take all the credit with prominent display of your branding in all employee and client access pages.

  • Anytime, anywhere access: Work can now get done from anywhere — client location, airport, across the globe, or at home!

"The greytip online support team is extremely good. I am really very happy to work with this team, Greytip people always swift in trouble shooting."
Be it statutory upgrades, reporting necessities, availability of different formats to download, etc. the application provides end-to-end solutions.
We are extremely satisfied with GreytHR when it comes to customisation of processes for our various clients. Some of our clients have had some tedious configurations implemented successfully.


1. You provide payroll solutions. Doesn’t that make you my competitor?

Unlike a large number of other application vendors, we do not offer payroll outsourcing services. You own your clients and deal with them on a daily basis. We just enable you to serve your clients better. We believe it’s smarter to grow with a large partner base instead of trying to do it all alone.

2. How safe is my data?

Our servers are hosted on the Amazon cloud with the best possible security infrastructure. All communication between your office and the server is encrypted using high-grade 256 key encryption. The servers and application are rigorously tested for vulnerabilities. Your data is backed up continuously (in real time) and in case of any eventuality, there is minimal data loss. You can learn more about security here.

3. How reliable is your service?

  • Up time: we promise 99.85% up time.
  • We offer a dedicated support team which will address all your concerns.
  • Using the built-in integrated help-desk you can raise tickets & expect resolution within a specified time pre-defined by a SLA. You can also group all your client’s tickets & track issue resolution progress over time.
  • We roll out statutory compliance updates as soon as they get notified.
  • All upgrades are available instantly. You do not have to pay extra or stop using the application for upgrades.

4. Do you provide support in training new team members?

  • Simple and intuitive User Interface: Learning greytHR is easy since it offers a very simple and easy to learn user interface. New users usually learn to use it in very little time.
  • A comprehensive help section & chat support further reduce the training time.
  • Learning accounts - you can easily provide a testing / learning environment using which new joiners can get trained on the application without disturbing the live setup.
  • Integrated help desk and a great User Community - We provide powerful help desk facility for quick and prompt issue resolution. We also provide user forums and community generated content.

5. I already have a well tested process for processing payroll. Can the software be customized as per my requirements?

We guarantee that. We have a very powerful configuration engine and we are highly confident we can support even the most challenging setup easily and within a few hours.

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