Reconciliation tools

Greytip Online provides you a wide array of tools that enable you to do a due diligence on the generated Payroll. These tools aid in you finding the differences between the previous and current payroll, find variations of amounts by Departments and check how the payout is happening across Payment types. These tools are explained below.

Payroll Differences Statement

This powerful tool lets you compare the salary of the last month and the current month. Following are the salient feature:

  • View differences either by employee or salary component
  • Application will automatically recognize the reason for the variation. Reasons could be due to New Employees, Previous month joinee, Loss of Pay, Resignation, Settlements, Overrides, etc.
  • Ability to select the component for which you intend to compare - choice of one or more components
  • The statement of differences can be exported to an Excel file for further processing
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Employee Count Reconciliation Tool

Fully account for employee additions, resignations and employees for whom processing has been suspended. A graphical chart neatly summarizes the information while a detailed report gives you the breakup. A major time saver!

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Payroll Transfer Reconciliation Report

This lets you tie up all the payout made by the company in one report. Bank transfer, Cheque payments, DD payments, etc. are all summed up along with the employee head count for each type of transfer.

This report will also inform you on employees whose Payment Types are not updated, so that you can update the data and ensure that payments are made.

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Excel Data Import

Greytip Online provides you extensive data import facilities. Each and every data item within the application can be updated using an Excel file. These Excel import tools are easy to use and are a great time saver for big data updates. Some of the import tools are:

  • Employee data importer
  • Previous month's Payroll data importer
  • Payroll data importer
  • Overrides importer
  • Loans importer
  • etc.
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Excel and PDF Data Export

Greytip Online works on the principle that an application cannot be an island and need to work in a framework of a network of applications. This philosophy extends to all parts of the applications. We have built extensive options to generate the information from this application in formats that can be uesd by other applications. Some of the salient features are:

  • Extensive Excel export capabilities - All reports and all pieces of data of the application can be exported into either an Excel of a PDF file. We use state of the art reporting tools like BIRT to generate professional MIS and Statutory reports and also provide provision to export the data to an Excel or a PDF file.
  • All employee required reports have an email facility built-in, enabling you to directly send information to employees.
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