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greytHR helps you meet your statutory compliance obligations in many ways.

SIF File Preparation

greytHR enables you to directly generate SIF Files (as per WPS regulations) after payroll processing. Salient features are:

  • 100% compliant with UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia Central Bank WPS formats
  • Facility to store Establishment ID, Bank Routing Code and other information
  • Facility to store Employee Account Number and other information
  • After Payroll is processed, click a button and generate the SIF file
  • No need for any data entry month after month
SIF File

Gratuity Calculations

greytHR has provisions for calculation of Gratuity as per the requirements of MOL or the company policies. Salient features are:

  • Specify the number of days for calculation of Gratuity depending on the years of service
  • Automatic calculation of Gratuity during the final settlement of the employee
  • Reports at the end of every month on the provisions for Gratuity
Statutory Compliance

GOSI Calculations

greytHR has provisions for the complete calculation of GOSI as per the statutory requirements. Salient features are:

  • Specify the amounts or components on which GOSI is calculated
  • Handling of GOSI calculations during employee Leave
  • Reports at the end of every month on the deductions and provisions towards GOSI
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