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Defining components
Salary components can be entered manually, by formula, slab or value based lookups by grade, department etc.

Payslip configuration
Facility to configure format of payslip, add in personalized messages and upload payslips on excel. Facility to print payslips in order of your choice - by department, location etc.

Event handlers
Event handlers lets you add tasks and send automated notifications. Payroll

Hold salary
This feature lets you hold the processing of salary for specific or group of employees. Groups can be based on departments or those serving notice period.

One time payments and deductions
This feature lets you make provision for one time payment either as a part of salary or out of it. One time deductions can also be made.

Bonus configuration
You can configure the salary break up to include bonus calculations specific to your organization.

Statutory Deductions

Provident Fund
PF can be automatically calculated and deducted from salary . You can configure the rules, include or exclude employees for PF entitlements. Admin charges for both PF and EPF can be calculated. You can also access various reports as Monthly statements, combined challan report, etc.

greytHR handles ESI related deductions and associated rules comprehensively. ESI amount both for the employer and employee are automatically calculated and deducted. The deductions stop automatically when an employee moves out of the ESI limit.

Professional Tax
The PT slab gets automatically linked based on the location of the employee and deduction amounts calculated on specific state rules without manual intervention.

Statutory Deductions


Loan can be a part of salary. Multiple rules can be created related to principal amount, interest, balances etc. The system provides facility to automatically stop deductions from salary once the amount is recovered.

Interest Types
Create multiple interest types as flat interest, reducing balance, reducing balance EMI, etc.


Tracking of interest deducted
Loan principal and interest deducted are tracked and displayed separately. Facility to adjust the loan amount as a part of or outside of payroll.

Tracking and reports

Created keeping business owners and CEO’s in mind, the dashboard gives a one-look in-depth analysis in graphical format.

News box
Be updated on latest statutory updates with the news box.

Be updated on employee queries and issues related to payroll, leaves or taxation with the live alerts.

Salary Master
This feature is a part of the reports dashboard and provides a complete view of salary being paid out, the break up, department wise payouts, etc

Attrition reports
Get real time insights of the number of new employees and those leaving. This data can be filtered under different categories.

Accumulation Agent v2
The payroll engine has a new configuration component that gives you huge flexibility in accumulation and releasing of amounts (bonus, incentive, etc.) for different time periods.

Cash payment tracking
Details on payments made by cash can be captured. You can generate vouchers (receipts) and other related reports. Moreover, the cash payments can be done in multiple batches.

Cash Payment Tracking

Role based security

You can have fine-grained access control to various features. You can define the access rights for each role. You can create unlimited roles like employee, team lead, supervisor, manager or administrators.

greytHR is used by employees, managers, and administrative users. Apart from employees, you can create users (who need not be employees) and grant them different access rights as per their roles. Note: Facility to create users is available only for enterprise plans.

Password Policy
Good security is highly critical for Internet facing applications. As the system is used by multiple users, strong password policy is followed.

Role Based Security


Reconciliation Tools
The reconciliation tools helps you in finding the differences between the previous and current payroll, find variations of amounts by Departments and check how the payout is happening across Payment types.

Payroll Differences Statement
Compare previous and current months salary with Payroll Differences Statement. This tool lets you analyze the differences in payments for individual employee or all. The reports can also be downloaded in Excel or PDF.

Employee Count Reconciliation Tool
Fully account for employee additions, resignations and employees for whom processing has been suspended. A graphical chart neatly summarizes the information while a detailed report gives you the breakup. A major time saver!

Payroll Transfer Reconciliation Report
This lets you tie up all the payout made by the company in one report. Bank transfer, Cheque payments, DD payments, etc. are all summed up along with the employee head count for each type of transfer. This report will also inform you on employees whose Payment Types are not updated, so that you can update the data and ensure that payments are made.

Excel Data Import
greytHR provides you extensive data import facilities. Each and every data item within the application can be updated using an Excel file. No need to enter data manually.


Excel and PDF Data Export
Easily export data in excel or PDF formats. You can also generate professional looking MIS or Statutory reports in BIRT earning brownie point in your presentations. Built-in email facility has been provided in employee required reports. This enables you to send information, direct to employees without wasting time and paper.

Self service

Bulletin Board
Use the bulletin board to communicate to your employees about company policies, latest developments.

Online tax filing
This feature enables employees to upload their form 16’s, and file returns online.

Leave dashboard
With the leave dashboard, managers can see the number of employees on leave and the team leave details.

New Leave Grant logic
The system enables Managers in granting of leaves on on special occasions for specific employees. Such leave grants can be based on joining date, birthday and other significant dates.

Self Service