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Simple and efficient Document Management Software

Core HR - ground zero of HR tech

Our Core HRMS solution allows you to track all employee life-cycle activities and extensive employee information. It’s now easy to have accurate and ready-to-use employee information in one central location. When you make changes to any information, you do it in one place and the changes are reflected everywhere.

An extensive employee database

It turns out that it's essential to capture a wide variety of information either because of statutory compliance needs or for business operations and reporting.

The HRMS squarely addresses this requirement. It has dozens of categories of information and hundreds of fields to keep track of all employee information.

greytHR has tools to manage and update this information with minimum data entry. Easy to use excel importers are available to quickly bring in all sorts of employee information without having to manually feed it.


Visualize your organizational structure & reporting relationships

greytHR makes it easy to keep track of the reporting relationships. This is quite useful for workflow reviews and approvals. A complete history of previous reporting assignments is also available.

The organization chart (organogram) is automatically prepared and let's you graphically visualize the organization structure and span of control. Very useful stuff without any effort from your end.

HRMS Solution

HR dashboard to stay on top of your work

If your organization is reasonably big, there are a dozen things that you need to keep track of to be an effective HR professional.

New additions, employees who are resigning, birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations — there is so much to handle.

This robust HRMS provides a powerful dashboard that quickly gives you a bird's-eye-view of all the action that's taking place. Even better, you can quickly drill down and complete your work right from the dashboard. Very convenient and highly productive.


Slice! Dice! See business intelligence rise!

Create unlimited organizational categories like Department, Location, Division, Function, Designation, Grade, Cost Center, and so on.

Categories allow us to not only classify employees by various dimensions but also track employee transitions within the organization like a location change, designation change, or even projects.

Once categorized, you are in a great position to easily manage your operations or get insightful HR analytics.

HRMS Solution

It's all in the details

greytHR has lots of convenient, automated features that cumulatively end up saving hours of your valuable time.

  • Employee Number Sequences: The automatic numbering system helps you maintain multiple employee series for different categories of employees without overlap. This great feature minimizes mistakes and save effort at the time of on-boarding employees.
  • Employee Directory: To quickly access employee information, we have a nifty employee directory with powerful filters.
  • Mass Email: Quickly send out memos or bulk email to a selected group of employees with the built-in mailing facility. Not only are the mails delivered to the employee's mail box but the message is also visible on the portal. You also have an automatic record of all such mails that are sent.
HRMS Solution
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