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BASE experiences HR bliss
BASE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. is a training and coaching institute located in Bangalore. Praveen, the newly hired Head - HR at BASE, soon understood that the company was facing the challenges that come with running a fast-growing organization. In particular, they were handling their end-to-end HR activities using basic, time-consuming and largely manual processes.

Problem areas
The desktop HR tool in use, coupled with the use of MS Excel, did not serve the needs of a company with over 400 employees.
Processes ranging from candidate onboarding to payroll, compliances and providing employee letters were handled without any automation in place. This duplicated effort and also made tasks people-dependent. 
The desktop application also had a lot of data fields that were not relevant to BASE’s requirements.

As the tool was incapable of meeting the requirements of the organization, the HR team felt the constant need to revert to Excel for storing information, performing payroll calculations, etc. In other words, the desktop tool was not able to overcome the change resistance it encountered at BASE.

Also, cases of mysterious data losses were a constant reality. Praveen and his colleagues often joked among themselves, “There resides a ghost in the machine!”

Evaluating alternatives
Praveen carried out extensive research in his search for an HR automation tool that’s right for the organization. Several among them offered too many add-on features, which increased the pricing. Praveen and his team members felt that such add-ons made for complex, bulky products that they didn’t need at this time. greytHR came out on top with its bouquet of practical features, user friendliness, and pricing.

“The essence is captured by greytHR. It is by far the best”, says Praveen.

The benefits of using greytHR
In December 2016, greytHR’s Payroll and CoreHR modules were implemented at BASE. It met all their basic requirements, such as:

  • Quick and automated payroll process
  • One-time employee onboarding process
  • Issuing employee letters by selecting and using in-built and custom letter templates
  • Mass employee communications via alerts, push notifications, etc.

In other words, automation and efficiency have been achieved at BASE through this powerful cloud-based HR & payroll software. 

BASE experiences

The benefits of greytHR Payroll
With Excel, sensitive data can go haywire due to human error. greytHR is powerful enough to recognize common errors and warns you before you save such data. This means no repeated entry of data or associated verification.

“The speed at which payroll processing is completed on greytHR is much higher when compared to our previous desktop tool and Excel combination! At BASE, we save seven to eight man days each month, as we now start our payroll process just two days before actual payout! This is an 80% reduction in time and effort,” says Praveen. 

greytHR meets all the requirements of SMBs at an affordable cost. Today, BASE uses greytHR for its end-to-end payroll needs.

About BASE
BASE is a 25-year-old education and coaching company specializing in providing educational programs, such as entrance coaching for IIT, engineering, medicine, etc., along with offering many distance learning and classroom programs.

Their current employee strength is 400+ and growing.
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