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Managing a growing number of employees can quickly become overwhelming,

The Lay of the Land: HR & payroll systems at Cuelearn before greytHR

When Chhavi joined Cuelearn in October 2016, the organization was on the cusp of rapid growth. The payroll at Cuelearn was, at the time, being outsourced. Other HR needs, such as leave, were being handled on Excel.

Outsourcing made for a sufficient solution when the requirement was only for payroll processing. However, the need for an integrated in-house system, which would handle HR needs as well, was felt. The team also felt the need for a solution that would allow them to scale up quickly, an area where Excel did not show promise.

Immediate cause: The inadequacies of Excel

  • Leave management a hassle: Managing leaves via mail was becoming a hassle. They remained scattered and difficult to trace. A centralized portal was sorely missed.
  • Lack of integration: Much information had to be communicated by the HR to the payroll team each month. This meant duplication of effort.
  • No proper salary structure: A lack of tax-effective components, especially, meant that employees were disappointed.

Opting for cloud-based software: A no-brainer!

“Our payroll had to be on the cloud! We saw no sense in opting for an on-premise software. The anywhere, anytime access that cloud offers is a major value add for us.” -Chhavi Saxena

All cloud software aren’t created equal
They were, at the time, evaluating a cloud-based solution other than greytHR. In spite of some merits, certain key functionalities, such as employee self-service (ESS) proved difficult to work with on this alternate software.

“greytHR’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is very easy to use!”

This led Cuelearn to drop the software as an alternative.

Cuelearn timeline2

Enter greytHR
It was web-based research that introduced Chhavi to greytHR. This led to her opting for greytHR’s 30-day free trial. Here’s what Chhavi learned during the trial phase:

“greytHR had a UI that was not cluttered or overly complicated. Navigation through the application was also simple and the Actions tab that guided one was powerful. Notifications of statutory updates were available even on the trial version.”

greytHR’s easy usability, the ready access to information it provided, and its prompt support desk led to Cuelearn adopting it. Implementation was soon underway, and completed in under five days with minimal effort from Cuelearn.

Today, Cuelearn enjoys hassle-free leave management on a single centralized platform. This is integrated with the payroll and attendance systems as well. This means information flows seamlessly in and out of these systems month after month, with no duplication of effort or chances of human error creeping in.

Cuelearn is a delighted customer today, and uses all modules of greytHR including Payroll, Leave, Attendance and Employee Self Service.

greytHR helps Cuelearn achieve business goals

“Cuelearn hired close to 200 people this year. Without a tool like greytHR, scaling up and streamlining processes would’ve been extremely difficult!”

Closing notes
“Any tool that effectively reduces transactional HR tasks is good news, and greytHR does just that! We don’t have to maintain any data on Excel anymore.”

About Cuelearn
Launched in 2013, Cuelearn focuses on making high-quality after-school learning affordable for the masses using a unique combination of paper-based worksheets, tablet-based interactive learning technology and skilled instructors.

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